Know Who Your Friends Are!!

I am friends with this girl that I have known for 3 years. she is acting strange now. I don't know what her problem is but we haven't been good friends since we got 2 the high school. I don't know what 2 do now. we have been getting into arguements every since then. I've got yelled at by her over stupid stuff. I plan not 2 talk 2 her next year cuz I don't wanna go through the same thing next year. I have been told that she ain't a good friend but I never seem 2 listen 2 anybody who says it 2 me. I will listen now cuz now I know that we didn't belong friends in the first place. I have been so nice 2 her this year even when she have made me mad but I ain't being nice 2 her anymore. I didn't know that she was using me until later in the year but now I have learned my lesson.... only trust your true friends. the ones who will never hurt me as long as they live.

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6 Responses Jul 12, 2006

I completely understand you"re's unfortunately happened to me aswell. Don't let it get you down, sometimes people grow apart, so you can realize who you true friends are. Think of it as a chance to move further in life find new friends and new experiences.

Why not tell your friend how much her behaviour hurt you? That is what a "true friend" would do. Then give her the opportunity to apologize or explain and forgive if the friendship is a true one it should include forgiveness. No one is perfect. My sister yells at me like I am her child. I mean she screams in my ear all I have to do is change a tone or get passionate about what I am saying and she accuses me of yelling! That makes me want to scream! She is toxic and I don't need her crap in my life and we have never been and never will be friends. She is so shallow she makes me want to vomit! She is so selfish and self absorbed and doesn't give a damn about her mother's well being! She only wants what is convenient to her! My brother is the same!

but in order for you to know who they are... you do have to take those risks of letting ppl (new and old) into your life. friendship is a risk that we take daily where both ppl end up either losers or winners. as it is right now, i agree it is best to move on and take a breather away from the hurting pain of this relationship. but you see, sometimes somethings happen that makes ppl change simply because they themselves are at a lost as to how to handle what is going in within themselves. sad thing is, when these things happen it knows no friends, family or relatives just that there is a hurting from deep within that cannot be explained nor addressed and so the person continues to hurt, unable to tell what is wrong and as a result she / becomes very short with everyone... having said that, it is not meant to validate your friends action, rather it is looking at the situation from a different perspective. still you go by your gut feel. <br />
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as i am hoping it is something temporal with her, please do leave a little space in your heart for her as she might need someone to get back to once she clearly understand what is going on with her.

it sounds very familiar as i have gone thru the same phase in my life thats why i can understand ur situation. but dnt lose hope my dear life has to go on. it shudnt ent with the end of just a single relationship. may god bless you with a very generous n eternal friend.

Every person in your life, IMHO, presents an opportunity to learn a lesson. Remember this relationship's lesson, take a big breath or several, don't listen to the fearful things your mind tells you, make another friend. Best wishes. =)

i undestand what you're going thru ...sometimes u outgrow people...some people are toxic...go with your first mind u will thank yourself later..u sound young u got your whole life ahead of u go with it