There Was Once a Time Where I ...

There was once a time where I was everybodies friend.  I was the girl who people could talk to, hang out with and take advantage of.  The trouble with kindness is that to a certain extent its a weakness.  I'd let people in to the world that was me and that left me vulnerable to the back stabbing and cattiness that excelled in high school but occasionally reared its ugly head in college.  Like most people I can only be pushed so far.  I didnt just end one friendship I ended 20+.  Every person I pushed out of my life was someone who boxed me in.  They decided who I was and no matter what I did or more importantly who I was.  I may not have as many friends but the few that I have are ones who know the real me, and for some reason they like that person. 
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1 Response Jun 12, 2007

If it were...was meant to be<br />
If it wasn't ....never was.<br />
I've felt betrayed by most...Used if you will..Hurts and I've pushed so many people from me...I don't know what hurts more...betrayal or being faithful to yourself?