I Had a Friend Who Was Female ...

I had a friend who was female and she wanted to be more than friends.  She was clingy and started behaving kinda strangely so I had to let her go.
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yeah that can happen Oregano, I've always thought more commonly it's a guy hanging on cause we're such suckers....and even if a man considers a woman a friend, if he's attracted to her he'll always have other thoughts in the back of his mind....dirty ones LOL

I had a male friend like that too... I thought we were cool but he completely weirded out on me for a while. I am sure he is fine now...<br />
<br />
But... yups... very strange.... very, very strange.

I dont get why friends get that way. I have had lots of male friends, but sooner or later they all professed their love for me. it got weird and awkward and I have let them all go as friends. I dont know why people who are told I like you only as a friend can't take that as it is. It is sad to think of the lost friendships...but worth it to know that we haven't "settled" with them, and there is hope for love now

The same thing happened to my son. This girl started out as a friend and started following him around and telling people he was her boyfriend! He won't even talk to her anymore. Well he is only 16 but he calls her his stalker! lol!