Friends Lift You Up

I used to hang on to friendships for dear life.  I still do try my best to maintain relationships with GOOD friends.  But I have had 2 people who have been my best friends who I have had to cut off.  They brought me down and made me angry.
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6 Responses Jan 3, 2007

I completely know how you guys feel. I would do anything for my friends, but time after time I end up getting hurt by people. It's really sad to loose / let friends go, because you do have that history with them. It's really hard for me to let go of people and even more difficult to make new friends that I can trust. I guess you have to decide what's easier to deal with; a toxic relationship or the loneliness.

I had to end a friendship recently and now I am down to one friend. I miss the toxic ones sometimes because they knew me "when". It is hard to make new friends.

I used to be like that too...hanging on for dear life. Nice to know that I'm not alone. I guess I finally reached my breaking point of needing to "beg" for some friendship. I realize that it's not the quantity of friends that you have but the quality of the friendship.

I use to think that everyone I was close to felt the same way I did about friendships. It hurts when someone you truly care about betrays you. I've asked why and someone very wise told me " you will never understand this and be thankful you don't"

i dont think im strong enough to do that, there are people, well someone in partucular i need to get out of my life but at the same time i dont think im ready to let them go!!<br />
how do you do it??<br />

I had the same thing, people who made me feel bad all the time.....frenemies I called them. They were my best friends and my arch enemies rolled into one, it was for my own sanity I broke off all ties, I have enough problems in my life without people creating them for me.