Moving On

I have had many friends throughout my life. Best friends, close friends, good friends, and causual friends. They would come and go on their own. I made really good friends with this girl name Brit. We became close because we had a lot in common. We were friends for a good two years and both had serious boyfiends. When we brokw up with our boyfriend's with both noticed changes in eachother. I'm sure i was different, but she was really different. I only reallyt had her as a friend so even though i didnt agree with what she was doing, i still stayed friends with her. But, i held all of my feelings inside about her because she had a hard life always and i didnt really want to be the one to tip the boat. She left for Arkansas for a month and while she was gone i made closer friends and started to relize the life was better and much less complicated without her. When she came back she said that her mom had decided to move to arkansas and she was going to move with her, i couldnt act like i was going to miss her and everything anymore, so i flat out told her i thought we were growing apart. and she got upset, but eventually relzied that i didnt want to be friends anymore.
bluemoon1989 bluemoon1989
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2007