Me and T

we had been best friends for over a decade, but drifted apart...  i went to her for support, and she shot me down.  i told her never to call me back, and hung up.  i felt terrible about it.

years after the fact, i was having these terrible nightmares that she was dead or dying thinking that i hated her.  so i wrote a letter begging for forgivness.  she never answered.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

thank you, butterfly. i find it interesting that there are comments on this stroy right now, as i am in the process of re-evaluating another relationship. once again, i have to be an adult, and see that i have to take care of myself, and separate from toxic persons. it just hurts to have to do it again.

i dont know if it got to her or not, really. but if she wants to resolve, it is her turn. at least the nightmares have stopped.