It Was Time to Let Go

I met my friend in high school.  We were best friends, did everything together, it was almost like we were sisters.  I always was there for her when she needed me and during high school and part of college she was there for me.  We had the same group of friends also.  Some of those friends weren't always friendly with me or had problems with me, for no reason. Anyways, we always seem to like the same guy, or sometimes it was guys that she already dated.  There was one guy that I liked before her, and he couldn't date me because of our friends, but he did date her.  Which hurt me pretty badly, but she was my friend and I was happy for them.  Well they broke up and dated other people.

When ever she would break up with someone or was just having a bad day, I was there for her no matter what.  I would drop everything just to talk to her and make her feel so much better.  She went to college only an hour away and I spent a lot of my time down there with her.  I helped move her twice. 

Things started changing in our friendship when she started dating one of the guys in our group.  They were doing good and decided to get a house together, which I thought was a great idea and couldn't be more happy for them.  Well they didn't move in together because of his parents.  And he popped the question so her parents would feel better about them living together but then his parents weren't.  We started planning the wedding.  Well during this time, my parents decided they were getting a divorce and she helped my mom and me move out.  That is when things started to really change for the worst.

She and my other friends started acting like I was so far away, when I was only about 40 minutes away, if that.  She stopped calling me, she stopped having me help with her wedding, she would cancel our plans, and she acted like she never had time for me.  Well before she started doing all of that she asked me to be a bridesmaid, which sort of took me back, since she also talked about having me as her maid of honor and she wouldn't tell me who she did make it until later.  It was a friend of both of ours and they were hardly friends, they just really started hanging out when she moved back home.  I really couldn't believe it after everything me and her had been through.  I'm not going to lie I was really hurt and couldn't believe it.  Well she stopped letting me know what was going on with the wedding and not including me with anything really.  Well one day we all decided we would go look at dresses, and this is when I made up my mind of what I had to do.  We were all at her house, waiting for one more person.  While waiting there was 2 other friends of ours, her and me.  They started talking about what they were doing that night and this and that.  They acting like I wasn't even there.  No one talked to me, I had to be the one to say stuff and even then it was like they didn't' hear me sometimes, and she did nothing or even talked me at all.  Well we didn't go because the other person never showed.  Then they decided on a date to go and told me but didn't check to see if I was able to make it, just told me the date and that was that.  But they all made sure they were able to make it.  Then the biggest blow came.  For the bridal shower, they didn't talk to me about the date, time, place, what to do or any of that.  But everyone else was in on it, but me.  I was just told everything once again.  And then they wanted me to help pay for it, I know you help pay for that, but normally everyone talks about everything, no I was just told what to bring, where it was, the time to be there, what to bring, and that I had to help pay.  Then when the invite comes, it is addressed to my mom and me.  Hello, I'm in the wedding, why the Hell is my name on there.  After that I never I couldn't do it anymore.  I know it might sound mean not to be in her wedding no more, but why do something that is totally going to make me unhappy and I know I wasn't going to have fun.  So I told her everything and how I was feeling and she mostly called me a *****.  She didn't even care to think about my feelings at all.

That was 2 years ago.  It is hard yet, because we were friends for 8 years, and to watch it all go down so fast was hard.  It still hurts me a little sometimes, but not as much anymore.  I find new friends and I have a boyfriend who are there for me now.  Life has to go on, and that was just another curve in my road to take.

countrygirlatheart countrygirlatheart
Feb 15, 2009