My Friend

I had a best freind named Brandy she is the most sweetest person on this earth and I love her so much. Everyone thinks we are sisters and what is really funny about that is we sort of are. Her husband  and my fiance' have known each other just about all of thier life and her husband is an only child so with my fiance' hanging around him as much as they do. They are practically brothers. Anyways brandy and I have a friendship like no other we feel like we are married to the same man. lol becasue they are so much alike. But now I have to end my freindship with her and it is killing me to do so. Her husband has recently gotten himself down a path to drinking and drugs and what is worst he is haveing influence over my fiance' and  I am afraid that I will end up losing my family because of his drug use. My fiance' is known to get into trouble with him. I love brandy don't want to hurt her but I know that if I continue to keep our freindship it allows a door to be opened for her husband as well. Any advice would be helpful please.
SalasLady SalasLady
22-25, F
Aug 12, 2007