Ended Lots With No Regrets

i've ended a few friendships, mostly over having incompatible principles with the other person. or else for how the person treated someone. i've ended friendships over matters of conviction a lot, as i have pretty strong opinions on a lot of issues and don't usually find i can be anything more than a cordial stranger to people with extremely different values as mine. 

i ended a friendship with a guy who maintained that rape was just when a guy's 'sex drive' was stronger than 'social control' - as if there wasn't some deep pathology behind such actions. he obviously never knew anyone who had been victimized or else had watched too much ****. what an idiot. should have never said Hi in the first place.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I don't blame you for ending the friendship with that guy, I would of.. how could some one even think something like that?? Whats wrong with some people..