The Last Straw

 I used to hang out with this woman at work. We had very simular experiances in our lives, so we bonded I guess.  We would hang at work most of the time and even go out together on the weekends. My daughter babysat for her at times and even her daughter and mine started to hang. I gave her Christmas gifts one year for her kids because she couldn't afford any. She wanted to pay me back, but I refused and said someday you do this for somebody else.

 I wouldn;t say we were "BEST" friends, but I did put her in the friend catigory. She was fun to hang with and we had simular interests and experiances. Then I realized that she was making fun of me with other people at work. And she started to ditch me. There were a couple of times that I called her crying  because of whatever life threw at me that day, and she couldn't even give me a little time. (see, I try to be there for my friends, even when I have other stuff to do).

  Well, this one week I had had such a week of OMG, I need to chill and go out and have some fun and laugh. Well, she had promised that we would go out to the bar. I called her seeing when we would meet. She said, "that's not my scene any more". What the h--- does that mean?  SHe said that she didn't want to do the bar scene any more, but we could hang at her place. I said that I needed to get out and be around people. We ended up not going out. Fine.

 Well on Monday I found out that she did indeed go out to the bar that weekend. That's fine if she didn't want to hang with me, but don't diss me by saying "that's not my scene anymore". So, we had it out. I was tired of the little backstabbing at work and the lies afterhours. So, I told her thanks for everything and have a nice life.

  I hate when I have let someone into my life and they turn their back on me. I told her things that not many people know about me. I excepted her for being her, but she couldn't except me for being me. So, that was it. After that I told myself that I would try not to let somebody in like that again, especially at work.

 By the way she did apologize to me. I told her that it took a strong woman to do that, but that had been the last straw and I couldn't be friends anymore. It's almost 2 yrs later, we still occasionally see each other at work, we have small talk but that's it.

 We all have drama in our lives at one time ot another, but the whole idea is to be able to find somebody who excepts that and helps you with it or at least supports you threw it, not ridicuale you. You wouldn't like somebody to do that to you, so, don't do it to somebody else.


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lol......yeah gay men are the best

Amazes me how people can accept and love you being there for them but when the tables turn are nowhere to be found.<br />
Sucks that we give ourselves to people unconditionally only to be crapped on when someone better comes along.<br />
Yeah you read bitterness in me, yeah I know what it feels like and Im truly sorry its happened to you.<br />
Hang tough and you'll find the real freinds.

i have felt like my friends make fun of me behind my back but i have never really cared about what others think of me or say about me but they do try to be there when i need them. i agree that she should have been honest

The adage of do to others as you'd have them do to you is so true. And you're right that the truth might hurt, but being stabbed by a lie can be fatal to your soul.

I agree - she should have just been honest.

I agree. All I ask for is honesty. Yes the true hurts, but a lie stabs right thru you, and that's harder to get over.