Well it's officially been a month since I made the hard decision of starting fresh and ending my affair once and for all.
It's actually been over a month since our last conversation but I blocked his # and deleted all his contact info on my 8 year anniversary,1 month ago today.
And boy does it feel sooo great!!! I've been ready to let it go for months now but to finally go through with it has been one of the best decisions I've made for my life and relationship with my husband.
I feel like a different person just being out of the experience "I'm having an affair".
Being without him makes me realize how much he really brought me down, in very subtle ways. He would never insult or belittle me to my face, but I always knew from some of his comments that he felt he is better than me. So I feel happy again and ready to put him behind me forever!
An affair is always just that. In MOST (not all, but most) cases it will never become anything more. So I guess I don't see the point anymore? As I girl I've always needed more than just a sexual relationship. But for guys that's all they really want when it comes down to it, that's just one fact I've taken away from my experiences.
So I'm just proud of myself for sticking to my decision, because I'm the past I've been weak. This time I'm committed and excited!!
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

platnum2011, can i ask, after 2 years, why now? did something happen? i too am trying to let it go, 3 years later!

I ended. Going on month 4 almost and it does feel good. I realize how my mind was "in the clouds" all fantasy. Everything you describe above happened to me. That was when I knew I have had enough.

The first month is the hardest. Just don't be surprised if weeks from now that old desire pops up out of no where. I get thoughts, but no desire after 6 months. I've gone back to my lover after 5 months before. I really thought it was done then, but it takes what it takes.

Very well said and so insightful and wise. Stay on your path!