It Was Tough In Middle School And High School

It all started at the end of 6th grade when the group I was part of told me that the group decided they didn't want me to hang out with them anymore. I asked what did I do but they wouldn't tell me. At this time i got a lot of acne and at home i would be called ugly. I felt that was the reason why. So I went into 7th grade not having a group to go to. Any new friend I made was taken away by the group that kicked me out. I hated lunch time because that was when I felt exposed not having friends. I would go to the library and read during that time. I became infatuated with authors such as Jack London and others. The library closed at some point so I decided to hide in the bathroom during lunch. At pe my clothes would be stolen from my locker and either be found in the urinal, toilet, shredded in my locker, or never be found. I brought my own lock but I would come back the next day and the lock would be cut. I told my pe teacher that my clothes were being stolen but instead I was given three detentions and a Saturday for when you don't have pe clothes after two times you get a detention. I had my clothes stolen 8 times. I stopped putting them in my locker and instead packed them in my backpack but they too would go missing. I excelled at sports being able to run a 4:50 mile in middle school but I still was always last one picked for any team. I got a love letter from a girl saying she wanted to meet after school and even though I felt it was a prank I still went. It was a prank. I was laughed at. My parents are relatively well off so I tried throwing a big Halloween party and made some pretty cool invitations. I invited over a 100 people and about 80 called saying they would make it. 3 showed. I would let others copy my work and I'd help them cheat on tests in an effort for a friend but they just took advantage. Rumors spread that I was the one vandalizing school property and I was called multiple times to meet the principle that thought it was me. At home dad was away at work and my mom had an alcohol problem. We fought. I can keep going but in the end the acne disappeared and not boasting I became attractive. I ran 4:26 mile, have some great friends, and things are great at home. I still am self conscience to a degree about my appearance and I've been called unemotional jokingly by my friends occasionally. I think this in part that I dont want others to know what I'm feeling.
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18-21, M
May 22, 2012