Tough It Out

I have a friend that is always saying, "Tough t*tty says the kitty, but the milk's still good."  I was thinking a lot about this in the past weeks in some of the things that are going on in my life.  It is true that although the tough times are just that, some of the best things come out of that time.  For example, some of my best friends came to me in the toughest of times; Silver01TA became my best friend because he helped me through the nightmares that were haunting me.  He helped me to understand them and to realize that I wasn't alone in this world.  HeavenBesideMe became a close friend when she helped me through the worst break up of my life, and we have helped each other through many things since.  Not only people have come from the tough times; I have learned that I am a lot tougher than my outward appearance and that I can persevere no matter what is thrown at me.

There have been so many people on EP that have reached out to me to help me.  I appreciate all of you that have offered to help me by taking my resume to the companies you work for, to help me with other networking, and to just generally be there for me.

I don't mind the tough times because it is those times that prove to me that I have what it takes to make it.  I also know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel just waiting. When you have great friends it is hard not to endure the hard times.

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You have the right attitude, Funny girl! Of course hard and rough times come to all eventually, and it's OK to be sad and hope for better. But if we realize that most of life is a constant LEARNING experience, not a persecution or punishment, it makes it a lot easier to get thru and come out ahead. Friends are always a blessing, but to have friends, you have to be a friend! It is a two way street. To have received so much, you must have given more than you realized. Very little is resolved over night, but sometimes the path does seem awfully long. Just keep on trucking.

i know that yhose tough time suck but you are strong and you will be a better from what ever life tosses at you.. i know been there and like you will find out who your friends really are in the end.. and who stands besides you no mater what

Dear Lady in waiting ...... exquisite

I believe that the first amphibian left the ocean because it was being chased by a shark. Being challenged is difficult but it forces us to grow...Dew

I'm not looking for advice but people still try to give it to me. I get mail and comments all the time telling me what i should do or to hang in there, or how sorry they are for me... Then people get mad because i wasn't looking for help. I can't give you advice when i don't know anything about your life.

I have a niece bottle of Glengoyne 17 year old to share for just such times ......( the favorite tipple of our late Queen Mother, another inspirational Lady ) <br />
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Ar, What kind of advice are you looking for because it seems to me that you have a lot of it figured out? You have it all in your head and now you just have to figure out the implementation. I would take advice from you if you shared that with me and I would consider it seriously. <br />
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Thanks D10...I try to be positive but I have my days. You help me with your posts.<br />
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Salar, thanks for your comments and for being there for me when I need to vent. You rock sweetie.

Tough times can be the best of times .......<br />
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By sharing we encourage others .....<br />
<br />
By example we can inspire .....<br />
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Qualities you have in abundance Fungirlmmm

I find it rare to find people who are capable of giving out any sort of advice that isn't just retarded.

TY elcor, it is so true.<br />
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Rog, thanks sweetie. I know it is a short tunnel.

Thanks for the comment Kelitu08. It means so much to me.

Tough times are always with us. Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

i joined recently because i was looking 4 a safe haven,a place where pple wld understand what i was going through,i always read ur posts and they strengthen me, when u endure u not only do it 4 urself but also for us who r trying 2 look 4 some strength.

OMG AC thanks sweetie. I love you.<br />
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Thanks BB<br />
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I love you moomouse? Oh hell that is moomouse! welcome back.<br />
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HBY! I love you girl. thanks!

Thanks Mrs. Woo. I have heard that my aura is yellow before from other persons. Interesting how you can see that in me as well.

We will endure because we are that way. We are the bright side and refuse to let the other one see the glass as half empty. When one of us starts going downhill, the other one pushes and pulls us back up. When one of us falls apart, the other one picks up the pieces and stores them in a designer bag until they can be put back together again. We are Bestest Friends now and forever. I love you.

Thanks My, I love you girl.

Friends can help, that's for certain. But you've done the hard work, fungirl. One has to open up enough to reach out, have enough trust to accept the help that's offered, and then the faith to believe it will work out. You are good at working through problems and you've set a wonderful example for the rest of this. Thanks!!

Oh Cham, I love you little slick lizard.<br />
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Thanks WDL, that feeling is mutual.<br />
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PT, ty sweetie. U help me so much.


Thanks Mewold. You do make me smile and sometimes giggle. I adore you and you know it.

All I can do is say that you are a neat person and, maybe make you laugh once in a while.

Thanks Ladies.

I hope that the tough times are soon to be over sweet lady...Hang in there....Hugs, CMR