Giving Up Is Easy.

I've certainly received a full measure of sorrow, disappointment, tragedy and financial strain.

Sometimes it all seems overwhelming.  My mind wonders off into an imaginary place where it all disappears.  All I have to do is end life as I know it.  Yes, suicide.

Then I think about the ones I love.  Their reliance upon me to nurture, feed, provide, love and teach them.  I think about their future and my obligation to them and I am happy to try again.  Time moves by so quickly.  I then decide to wait out the storm and remember sunny days.

Nothing hardly ever goes as planned.  We reach, we try, doing our best to give all we can but its not always enough.  Life just slips us unexpected trials.  Who can predict death or illness?  No one.  I am one woman, who loves her family, wants to continue to be all my children need me to be.  I am grateful for the love I receive and the little tiny blessings along the way.

I'm a survivor. 

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

this is very good my friend-thanks

MizzBlue this story in a nutshell is the courage inside me. Thank you for relating to it.<br />
<br />
C8,I will look for it at Blockbuster. Robyn Williams is a great actor

You must see the DVD 'Where Dreams are Made"..has Robyn Williams in a dramatic role not will identify with it......compelling viewing

This is truly inspiring - thank you!