Youthful Considerations

In those daze, er, days, walking home from school I passed by a pharmacy window. Displayed there was a scintillating array or juicy red enema and douche bulbs, several kinds of enema bags with rectal and douche nozzles as if they were everyday items. I would gasp and get a full view of it all but mustn't slow down nor seem to notice. Inside to get some ice cream I saw shelves of such intimate things but mustn't notice too long. Just long enough to imprint the fascinating gear in my mind to lust over later in the privacy of my room. Once walking by a woman was bending over adjusting things and her soft boobs were open to me, Oh, how Delicious. Always walked past after that hoping but she never appeared again. No problem as I would never forget the soft curves of her breasts hanging there for me. I've never gotten over it and imagine that she caught me looking and motioned me to come in and asked me if I enjoyed the view down her blouse and the naughty display in the window. I would have melted and she would have held my hand and taken me into the back for a private display and asked if I would like to have her demonstrate the enema bulbs on me.......................
bobfrenson bobfrenson
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Oh, Yes, same with me. In fact exactly the same. Thanks for the swell story.