What The Hell Happened Here.

Seemed peculiar that I was attracted to the enemas from my mom as she was never erotic about them as far as I knew. When I heard her tell her bridge ladies that she had just given her son, me, an enema, I was shocked at her betrayal. I had thought that the enema was a personal and private family matter. I was nerver constipated yet she did me occasionally for no reason I could detect.

When she told the ladies I was mortified. How could she do that to me? How did she value me?

Was she bragging about her nurse skills or warning them that the bathroom might not have a clean aroma? No, she betrayed my privacy, my confidence and I have never forgiven her for it.

Now if she had carried on with the enema in a luxurious fashion for me to enjoy that would have been different. But I never figured out what the hell she was up to. As far as I could discern she was erotic neutral or even deficient. She had wanted girls but only got three boys.

Did we betray her or did she betray us? What do you think.
bobfrenson bobfrenson
Nov 26, 2012