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Enemas Relieve Stress

usually after a hectic day at the office i come home , take a nice warm shower along with a 3 qt. mint enema. takes about 10 min. but feels wonderful.
i'm a petite, 110lb. woman so can imagine that it's not easy but i feel so calm and relieved afterward.
amy66 amy66 31-35, F 20 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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never had mint. What is the feeling?

ARE you a fan of anal sex ? mmmm

I suppose it is a good way to make sure your are clean.

Would love to watch.

A couple times I was given and enema then she put a plug in. After 30 minutes she then took out the plug and told me if I couldn't hold it for another 30 minutes I would get a spanking. For every minute short of 30 I would get I swat with the paddle. The first time I lasted under 30 seconds. Wow, I totally messed in my diaper and then after I got cleaned up I got the paddling.

When I was around 12 and my older sister started introducing me to her boy friends as her little sister, she would give me enemas to clean me out. I was very small for my age and when she was finished inserting all the fluid, it made me look like I was a few months pregnant. I had the cutest little baby bump. As I have gotten older, I still use enemas for a reason and I try to make my tummy swell so it looks like I'm pregnant. But it also relaxes me to an un-believeable state.

I love enemas too. Several soothing and soapy ones until I am clean and then usually some very hot ones with oil. That makes me so warm all over. It leaves me so ready for my toys.

best way to play !

I like to get an enema not only for my health, but for my sexual exciting and achieving strong *******... This "game" is very nice if combined with wearing adult disposable diapers. Have you tried it yet?

Three quarts of water in the colon certainly take one's mind off the day's events. The soon to follow rush of water through a very nerve rich area adds to the experience. A warm shower after brings a lasting euphoria of warmth and total body cleanliness. Ready to enjoy the rest of the day!

What is your mint enema recipe?

I so enjoy long warm oil enemas, luv the feel of being clean and lubed up

i have had a bowl problem since i was 5 years old and to day i need an enema to go to the loo some times mine is a gel that i fill a syringe and i inject it into my bum after 10 minuets i go and there is no stopping it so i have to ware a diaper

yes, it was great

i'm willing if she is

I'm always willing to let someone give me an enema.

sensual for me

i've been a bad girl so a punishment enema is what i deserve

I understand the feeling you get. I do give myself enemas to relief stress.

Our enemas did not relieve stress--they added to it! We were always given a big enema in addition to a thorough spanking, so the last thing my sisters and I looked forward to was a high colonic on a red bottom, and having to poo it all out in front of the whole family!

That's why it's called punishment!

yes and it is actually good for you

I like a lot of things about taking an enema, but the relaxed, almost euphoric feeling afterward is so good. It is truly therapeutic. I love seeing the distended belly from taking a large enema. I bet your petite body looks amazing when you fill with 3 quarts.

I’ve never tried to add mint. Does it relax you or make you cramp? I’ve taken both Tea and Coffee enemas and I love how refreshed I feel after. I’ve been thinking about trying a milk enema, but I’m just not sure what it does to you. Have you tried Milk or anything else?

very good alberto
i prelube with about 3oz. of olive oil and wait 10 min.

Thanks. I will try the olive oil and then the mint tea enema within the next few weeks.

Getting ready to do the olive oil and mint tea enema tonight.

Did the olive oil and mint tea Friday night. Took 2 quarts of the tea over 10 min., then held the enema for another 10 min. It was good, but not so different from other enemas I've had.

Boil 6 teabags of mint tea in a quart of water for 15 min. and then add one or two quarts cold water to make a warm, but not hot enema.

That sounds like strong tea. Do I actually have to boil the tea bags or just let them steep?

How do you make a mint enema?