Love Those Enemas

My Fiancee has wanted me to try enemas, for quite some time. Frankly, I was a little scared about the whole affair. Today was the day to give it a try. She was thrilled at the idea. I said  -lets give it a try. I was completely hooked on it the first time thru. I had to surrender my control over to her. She was in complete control of this affair. The whole situation was so enjoyable, that half an hour later-we did it all over again. Yes, I think we will be doing this enema treatments at least once or twice weekly. She was completely overjoyed, at hearing this statement. I'm so glad for this kind of happiness!!!!
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aww ! nothing sweeter than a happy wife and a clean colon ! :-)

Have you tried a **** enema?. I love it when hubby is doing me anal then stops thrusting for a minute and squirts his **** high in my arse. Its an amazing feeling but its very hard to hold on to. Makes you need to go right away.

How do they give enemas in Hawaii?

Good for you, dear, and it sounds like your fiancée helped you find the joy of enemas. But now why not add to the fun. After the enema have her do you with a strap-on *****? Once your love hole is clean, she can then squirt in a little lubricant and then the fun begins as she mounts you and you feel that ***** entering and then stretching as it fills your love hole.

Thank you, we are searching out just the right strap on *****. I will keep you posted!

Please do ... I suspect that both you and your fiancée will love it! ;-)

Yes, I think you are so right. We are looking forward to this!

My wife had no imagination at all. Who knows, enema activity like this could have saved the marriage. I know I sure would have loved it. Wish I could do it now.

Give it a shot on your own. YOu will still love it.

i dont have sex much anymore with wife but she does not want me to jekr off so she will **** my *** with didlo but she will give me enemas first so it comes out clean

No problem. Sounds good that the both of you are so intimate. I think that is one important part of any relationship!

yes i am happy the way things are having sex is not that so hotna important at our age i would love to have sex but i have learn to live wit out it the enema an didlo are so nice feeling

Experienced my first enema a few years ago when girl friend asked if I was ready to try one. Having no idea what to expect she slowly worked the nozzle in my butt and I could feel the warm water filling me up. That sensation felt soooo good, and especially knowing she was in control of what was happening. The huge surprise was the sudden run to the bathroom!!!! I have been ready for another and another.

Oh yes, I completely understand. I get mine every Friday....

I can imagine looking forward to each Friday and the anticipation that brings. Is there any position you favor while the enema is being applied?

Yes, I agree. Sometimes I become so turned on that I ***-while the enema in inserted. What a great feeling...

Great. I will check it out!!!

Yes I do ***. However, it is not all the time. The overall feeling is exhilarating!!!


You are a good man, for spreading the word about the Enema. It really is the best!!!

I understand. Thanks for you comments!

Do you get hard and *** while she administers the enema?

Yes, usually I do get hard and *** a little while later..

A strap on-naturally! We are reviewing them now. Amazon has quite the collection. Those customer feedback comments, help to narrow them down. Will keep you posted...

It sure helps if u plan on having a realationship with another man , or she has plans on using a strap on on u !

You are so right. Thanks for your kind thoughts. We will keep in touch!!

Thank You! You are so right. So far-3 1/2 years and counting. Really appreciate your kind Comment....