Supermodel Enemas

I'd been photographing the four models for a couple of years now, doing cover shots and spreads that appeared in fashion rags in America and all over Europe and Japan. By now the four had been elevated in fashion circles to the roles of international "supermodels," and I liked to think that my flattering images of them at least had something to do with their rise to fame. At first I photographed them individually, but then did a portfolio of the four of them together for a swimsuit spread. This was such a success that I repeated it a few times, bringing the four to my studio or on location and photographing them as a quartet. And, together, they hit it off, becoming quite a risque, even lewd quartet of beauties when they were alone with me, especially after a shoot, and could really let their hair down. It was Anna, a lovely but bratty and lewd English waif who led them on, urging them to reveal outrageous tales of their sex lives, wanting me to hear everything. I'd hear how Anna was once ****** up the *** by six studs in succession on a Caribbean beach, or how Isabelle, a stunning French beauty had this gorgeous older Parisian aunt who used to love to spank her and give her enemas, how Sonia, a tall, spectacularly beautiful Brazilian has a strong taste for looking into mirrors and seeing herself in elaborate bondage, how Anna, together with her roommate Patti, a stunning Jamaican living in London since she was five, decided only last week to wet themselves and go out for a whole day wearing pee-soaked French designer panties as they went shopping.

They'd notice how aroused I'd become hearing their "confessions" and point to the hard bulge in the crotch of my slacks. And of course they were always taking off and putting on clothes in front of me, thinking nothing of appearing stark naked. Then one day after a shoot, when the four were feeling especially sexy and frisky, having revealed a few outrageous new experiences, they turned to me and said they were feeling kind of horny, would I like to watch them ********** in front of me? They didn't need to wait for an answer as they sat next to each other, spreading legs wide as they beat off for my viewing enjoyment and their orgasmic pleasure.

Then Patti, one of them, told me she got her hands on something special. Tatyana, a Russian supermodel, had given her what she said was a black market "super" viagra, a potent item that was making the rounds in the underground scene in Russia, especially among gangsters and in the upscale brothels. Tatyana herself, now internationally renowned for her stunning Slavic good looks, had begun by whoring her way from Moscow to Prague, where an agent had sighted her at a club, enabling Tatyana to soon be able to trade in her top-money, top-grade whoring for top-money modeling. Anyway, Tatyana had told her that with this special drug a man would stay hard all night, be able to *** over and over again, and *** lavishly, and, most amazingly, it would significantly increase the size of his erection for the twelve hours it held its effect.

So Anna, wicked Anna, suggested we all arrange a date. And told me that an hour before they came over to my studio for that date, I ingest not one, but two, of these pills and then use my imagination to prepare something special for them all, an ****, but an **** that would shock and surprise even them, a quartet of very experienced sex freaks. "Anything you want, baby, anything," Patti said, lewd leer on her face as she gave my crotch a sexy, teasing squeeze, "as long as you start it off by letting us watch you whack off, the way we let you watch us, okay?"

The night arrives and I take the two pills. Within a half hour I see and feel its effects. It's true, my big ****, always easily arousable and ready to rise, erect and ready, now seems bigger and harder and hornier than ever; I feel like I am a man attached to a ****, rather than the other way around. I've never felt so horny in my life.

When the four of them arrive, they immediately want to see it. And so I pull it out and they gaze at the stunningly erect, steely ****. These girls have seen many, many ***** but never one that appeared so spectacularly, almost obscenely aroused, they say, standing up like a skyscraper, steely, veined, the erect penis looking so taut it could bust. They pass a joint of powerful Jamaican ganja (courtesy of Patti) as they watch me prepare my **** and cackle, telling me how they "just can't wait" to see me stroke it, expecting the ******** show of a lifetime. That's what they want to see first, before we do anything else, before I tell them what I have in store for them all. They know the double dose of this black market viagra will make me stay erect and aroused for hours, and turn my **** into a mere toy, now a toy for their viewing pleasure, later a **** toy. Anna takes out an antique glass vial, expertly dips into it with a little silver spoon and offers the girls some coke, bringing it up to their nostrils with her sexy lithe fingers. The coke makes them feel extra charged and sexy and they urge me to begin the show, spreading their legs wide in anticipation, squirming lewdly, well aware of their immense power to arouse a man, especially a man like me, already sex driven beyond belief, my libido now raised to Everest-like proportions by the powerful dose of underground stimulant.

My **** is so erect, so taut, so spectacularly engorged and sensitive that they expect me to go to it straightaway. But I have a surprise for them. I sit opposite them in an armchair, spreading and flexing my legs, pulling them back, draping them over the arms of the chair exposing my *** now as well as my **** and balls. I lewdly lick my lips, wet a finger in my mouth, then bring the finger down to my ******* and begin to rub its surface, teasing them with the sight, slowly working a finger inside as they tease and cackle. "Oh ****, will you look at that!" Patti groans.

"I love a man who likes to play with his arse," says Anna, taking in another spoon of coke.

"More, more!" says Sonia in her sexy Portugese accent.

I reach down for a tube of lubricant, squeeze out a big dab onto my fingers, slap it between my cheeks and rub it slowly and vividly over my *******, making sure to do this and everything else as vividly and lewdly as possible. After all, these girls want a show. These are girls who know how to put on a show, who know how to tantalize and mesmerize an audience, and they expect to be given a show that has the same effect on them. And these are not the sorts of girls to be denied!

I work the lube into my *** with two stiff fingers, reaching under my balls. Then I reach down and pull a big ***** from a leather bag, sucking it lewdly for them for a minute, making a big show of it.

"Just look at the ********** go!" Anna hisses excitedly, a little imperiously.

Then I bring the ***** down between my cheeks and very slowly work it up my ***, ******* myself, while looking straight at them. My ragingly erect **** is bobbing like crazy as I **** my own *** for their viewing pleasure, making sure they have a perfect view of my stretched anus wrapped around the rubber intruder, lightly stroking my **** with my left hand as I work the ***** inside my *** with my left. The dope, the coke, the show I'm putting on is all beginning to arouse them deeply as their fingers are now a blur, whipping up a froth down in their pretty *******, ******* as perfect as their gorgeous faces. Now I pull the ***** out and put it aside, reaching into the bag again, this time for a buttplug. I pull out the enormous black buttplug and bring the tip up to my well-lubed and now *****-reamed *******, forcing it into my ***, the girls all ooh and ahh as they watch the thickest part, more than 3 inches in diamater, stretch my ******* and finally break through it, the plug now securely embedded inside me, only the black base visible, sticking out of my ***.

Now I'm finally ready for the main act. I take hold of my **** with my right hand and I put on a ******** show for these four the likes of which they have never seen! For the next half hour, with maximum vivid lewdness and with ******* plugged, I caress, stroke, fist my achingly erect ****. I stroke the steely shaft up and down, I twist it in my hand clockwise and counterclockwise. Who better knows how to give my **** pleasure than me, and now I display it all for the girls, working the aroused shaft, rubbing and squeezing my balls with my left hand, until, finally, they begin to see those balls tighten and the **** start to throb. Anna, watching keenly, alerts the girls to the imminence. And moments later the most explosive *********** commences as an ****** of stunning intensity overwhelms me, one geyser after another of thick ***** spurting out of me, arching up all over my chest, reaching to my face, my hair and beyond, spurt after spurt after explosive spurt splattering all over me as my **** throbs almost painfully, and my clenching anus pulsates around the thick plug.

"Oui! Oui! ***, ***, ejaculee! More, more!" Isabelle sighs in her sexy French accent as she gets herself off, witnessing the spectacular masturbatory display, followed by the other girls, the room now filled with the moans and howls of raw, wild, unabashed orgasmic pleasure.

As the girls stop convulsing, luxuriating in the afterglow of their delicious *******, I wag them over towards me with a finger. "Okay you *******, now lick me clean!" I tell them as they crowd around me like a quartet of lewd, ravenous kittens lapping up *** from wherever it splattered, competing for gobs and dribbles like four hungry kittens in a litter. "Look at the four of you, you just love the taste of ***, don't you, you ******* *****!?"

"We love the taste of your ***," Sonia purrs. They lap away until they lick me clean.

"Now pull out the plug," I tell Anna, who eagerly takes hold of the base of the big buttplug and slowly pulls it out of my ***, my ****, still rock hard despite the copious ejaculations, bobbing right above Anna's hand as she withdraws the plug, gazing down with wide open eyes as I grimace and groan when the fat part of the plug is forced out of me, stretching my hole, the four sleek, feline and absolutely gorgeous ***** - four of the world's most famous and infamous beauties - all looking down, watching very keenly. "Wow, look at the way it's stretching you wide open!" Anna says as she wickedly lets it sit there a moment, my monstrously stretched anus clenching it, wrapped around the very thickest part of the plug.

"You would've loved this boy I met doing a model shoot in Morocco last year, Ahmed. His **** was even thicker than this." Anna says as she wraps her two hands around the thickest part of plug as she finally pulls that part out of me. "Bet you would've loved to have that thick **** up your arse, huh?" she cackles lewdly in her prole Brit accent, gazing straight at me, her eyes blazing with coy wickedness, licking her lips, "he'd really **** and open your arse with that huge **** of his."

"I'll bet he really opened yours up. *****!" Patti sneers as the other two giggle.

Anna turns to Patti, then to me, a lewd twinkle in her eyes. "He sure did. My funky arsehole was sore for a week after he ****** it, but it was worth every minute of it."

I look the ******* over as they banter, enjoying their frisky repartee. Then Sonia takes the plug from Anna. "It's so clean," she notes.

I smile. "Of course, it's clean," I tell them. "I gave myself an enema before you four ******* all came over here. And I hope you all remembered to give yourselves enemas too, as I instructed. You know I want your ***** nice and flushed; I told you how those ***** would be filled here, really filled," They giggle knowingly, turning and wriggling their sassy, firm bottoms in my face. "I gave myself a big enema before I came here," Sonia says. "Me too," Isabelle adds in her sexy accent, a "big one."

"And so did we," Anna says, looking at Patti. I know these two are lovers and live together, Anna and Patti, two nasty Brit supermodel ***** sharing a lavish London flat. Then Patti's eyes take on a sassy gleam as her lips curl mischievously.

"Yes, Anna gave me an enema and then I gave her one. And you all should've seen what came out." Anna begins to blush fiercely, slapping Patti.

"Shut up, Patti!" But the black ***** won't be stopped. "Anna is so skinny but you wouldn't believe how much **** came out of that tight little *** of hers, a ton!"

"You're such a *****, Patti!" Anna hisses, slapping her again, still blushing, but smiling a little now that the secret's out of the bag.

"Okay girls, I say, stopping them. "Enough of your **** talk. Your ***** are going to be full again, very, very full, " I promise them, "so it's good that they're nice and flushed and empty now, because they won't stay that way for long, I guarantee you. The four naked models look each other over, then look at me, wondering just what I might have in mind

I point to a door and tell them to head to it. Obediently, they walk to the door as I follow behind them, eyeballing their lithe, sexy, nimble bodies, tall and graceful and stark naked, as they have been for hours now. My eyes fix on those perfect bottoms, Anna and Isabelle's are pale. But Sonia's and Patti's are dark. Sonia sunbathes in the nude all the time, with all her many swimsuit shoots on lush tropical beaches, and all the photographers talk about how she just can't wait to pull her bikini bottoms down after the shoot is over and turn her pretty *** to the sun. And Patti is Patti, her chocolate-hued Jamaican *** the same rich brown tone as on the day she was born. My **** is ragingly erect following them, taking in their sleek backsides, that **** amazingly enlarged, to my astonishment, by this special aphrodisiac I've been given. And literally as hard as a length of steel pipe. Minutes ago I ********** copiously but it did nothing to bring down the erection or lessen the lust raging in that ****; that **** of mine is inflamed, burning with the fire of unquenchable need. My **** feels like a volcano always on the brink, with the simmering lava of *** simmering in my balls

I approach them as they gather by the door, taking **** in hand, and, going from one to the other smacking their bottoms with that ****, using it like a club. "Ouch! Ooh! What are you doing!" they purr playfully, the lewd kittens! But these playful, lust-crazed ***** love the feel of my steely **** slapping against the taut backsides.

Anna turns the doorknob and the four of them scamper down the dimly lit stairs as I follow, turning on a switch to illuminate the passageway. Suddenly they find themselves in a large room carefully illuminated by subdued spotlights and floods, with floor to ceiling mirrors covering three of the four walls.

"Ooooh, look!' Anna says cheerfully, noticing the lighting and the mirrors, "are we going to do a show?"

"Yes," I say with a knowing smirk, "a very special show, a show the likes of which the fashion public has never seen and never will see. This show, you *****, will be for me, and only for me."

"What are those?" Isabelle asks pointing to the ceiling where two sets of chains hang from hooks about six feet apart. Attached to each chain is a set of leather cuffs.

"You'll see," I tell them, "you'll see very soon."

The four of them stand there naked, puzzled and intrigued, then turn in unison towards me, approaching as they smile. These frisky ******* love the promise of a new erotic adventure, and such an adventure now beckons. They surround me, reaching down to tease with their agile fingers, running those fingers up and down my ****, reaching under to squeeze my balls. Then Patti gets behind me and I can hear her wetting fingers in her mouth and then bringing them down between my cheeks, harshly jamming two, or maybe three, up my ***, wiggling them around inside.

"I want to **** this arse," she hisses lewdly in my ear.

"Maybe if you're lucky, you will, you nasty little ****!" I say to her, looking back over my shoulder. Meanwhile Isabelle is pinching my nipples, twisting them between her fingers, looking straight at me with those sexy, cat-like eyes of hers, licking her lips. And Anna is teasingly flickering her fingers over the taut skin of my ****.

"God, I just love ****, especially big, thick ones. And especially in my arse! I'm such a *****!"

Sonia meanwhile drops to the floor, crawling under me, between my legs, reaching up with her long, slippery tongue to lick my balls as Patti fingers my ***, Anna teases my ****, and Isabelle squeezes my nipples until they hurt, hurt deliciously.

"Okay girls, that's all very nice," I say, pushing them away, "and I love all the attention. But I have something planned for us all, something rather elaborate. So I think we should begin. You asked what those were, Isabelle." I point to the dangling cuffs, "Let me show you, let me show you and Sonia exactly what they are and what they're for."

I have Isabelle and Sonia stand right under the dangling cuffs. "Now girls, I tell them "I want you both to lift your arms straight up."

"But why?" Sonia asks.

"Don't ask 'why?'!" I snap at her harshly, giving her tight rump a sharp slap, "just do whatever the **** I say, understand, ****!"

"Okay," she says, meekly at first, but then her lips curl in a coy, sexy smile.

I attach Isabelle's two wrists to the set of cuffs, then do the same to Sonia's, tightening them, so their arms above them are now securely cuffed and they are restrained in place.

"Oh goody! I love bondage and restraint," Anna says in the tone of the naughty English schoolgirl she once was.

Now I walk over to a closet and return with two stainless steel hospital stands, each a tripod with a telescoping rod, a hook attached to its top. I raise the rods to the proper height.

"I'll be right back, girls," I say walking to an adjoining room. There, I get out two very large red rubber enema bags, each with a 4-liter capacity and attach two especially fat nozzles to the ends of the hoses extending from each bag, making sure both hoses are securely clamped. I squeeze a little liquid soap into each bag, then fill each to capacity with very warm water, until the bloated bags are swollen to their maximum, heavy with their full four-liter load.

Now I carry the two full bags back to the girls where I am met by shocked looks, the eyes of all four going wide, their jaws hanging slack as they see what I am carrying in my two hands. I hang one bag from the hook of the stand right behind Sonia, the other from the one behind Isabelle, each hook at about shoulder height. Sonia and Isabelle, hands cuffed high above them, stare at the full bags and the big, menacing black nozzles with a mixture of dread and fascination. Anna and Patti also look on, fascinated, but there's a twinkle of wickedness in their eyes rather than dread.

"Oh no!" Sonia gasps, her tanned, beautiful face almost turning ghostly white as it dawns on her what is likely to follow next.

The four of them just can't stop gazing, as if in a trance, at the two menacingly bloated enema bags hanging there, sights to inspire fear and apprehension, to be sure.

"Oh my god," Says Patti, "those look simply inhuman. How big are they anyway, how much is there inside them? And those nozzles, they're absolutely scary! They're brilliant!"
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Here is a link to my website.. this might provoke a few more enema thoughts!

Thank you for a most provoking read. If I could I would award you the Golden Nozzle.

Yes, photos would make the story better, but the words do well in exciting me. Of course I think more of four boys and a photographer. Can you imagine 5 hard ***** in that scene?

Now This Is Wordsmithing At It's Best...! Photos Would Make This Story Ahhhhhhh!