First Enema To Intrigue Me

It was winter and my friend Nikki was coming over to pick me up for a colonics session which at the time I had no idea what that was so Nikki gets to my house and picks me up and on the way she tells me what a colonics is and I'm starting to freak out but I still end up going thro with it and after we were done I couldn't stop thinking about it while we sat and drank hot chocolate back at her place so after we had talked for awhile she could tell something was on my mind and asked what I was thinking I told her it was the colonic so she offered to give me an enema at her house I said i was ok and so we just kept watching on movie well the next day I get a box in my car that's wrapped and I open it when I get home and its and enema kit and ever since I have been doing enema sadly Nikki moved away before I could ask if she would give me one
Enema4anna Enema4anna
26-30, T
Sep 24, 2012