Mom And Grandma

I remember a morning, it was a Saturday, my grandmother came over to visit early. My room was just off of the kitchen. I had not had my daily enema yet. I could hear my mother and grandmother talking. My grandmother said to my mom, has ______ had his enema yet this morning. She said no, he thinks he is sleeping in. My sisters were not up yet. My grandmother said she would do it. Mom said okay. She went to the bathroom and grabbed my enema red bag. I usually only use clear water., no she decides to use soapy water. She then comes in my room. Takes the blanket off of me. I am playing like I am asleep. She then takes my diaper front down. Yes, I have worn diapers my whole life. She grabs the lotion she brought in then she puts lotion on my rising penis. Then rubs it on my balls then puts her finger in my bottom.

Then she puts the nozzle up in me and holds the bag while the soapy water is running into me. Man, I still remember that day. That enema felt do good. After all of the water was in me, she then puts up diaper and tells me to wait here. I did exactly that. It took about 5 minutes and I jumped up and went to the bathroom. I dropped my diaper and went hard.

She repeated that 3 times. She put a new diaper that was not wet on me at the second enema, then I used that one for the rest.

I remember her saying that I should never be embarrassed in front of her. That she would always be here to help me. And she did. Many times throughout the years.

Even when I went on a vacation to Yellowstone with my grandparents she gave me enemas and helped me with my diapers. When my grandma died, it crushed me because of how close we were, that she helped me feel relaxed about my conditions. I still have to take a enema a day, and in diapers. My wife is supportive and helps if needed, but never like she did.
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