Is This Enf?

I talked my wife into getting a body check for moles. She relucantly said ok but if I chose the dermatologist. So I found a Chinese Dermatologist and a i asked if the exam was nude? They said not usually and  I said she wnts a through exam! knowing that she would be embaressed but if the Dr. said I knew she wouldnt question it! So the receptionist said she would take care of it. So we arrived and went into the exam room and she was told to  disrobe and put on the gown. To which she replied but leave my under garments on right? No she said everything! So she did! I loved it the Dr. came in and started in her hair and worked down. And then said ok now you need to remove the gown! She did and I noticed her sweating! he checked her breast everywhere! had her lift her arms then asked her to turn on her stomach. She did and he spread her butt cheeks so he could see her butt hole. then asked her to turn back over. Where he spread her vagina open to see! This story is 100% true! Thats when I knew I loved this!! Im not into seeing her with anyone else just love seeing her naked and embaressed!!
abcjim abcjim
1 Response Feb 3, 2011

Yeah, that's ENF, but the real fun is outside.