Naked In Surgery

About four years ago I decided to have my tubes tied. My doctor informed me that my bilateral tubal ligation would be performed with laparoscopy. Only one little scar. This sounded all more fears of getting pregnant in later life! He seemed very confident...and he is very handsome!

On the day of my surgery, I arrived at the hospital, hungry, thirsty, clean with no make-up, deoderant or perfume, and very nervous. I was taken to preop where I was told to remove all clothing and jewelry and given the usual gown to wear. "Leave it open in the back, hun." The nurse directed. I was also given a hair net to wear. Oh, and I can't forget those sexy surgery stockings they slipped on me! All my vitals were checked and I was given an iv port. The anesthesiologist met with me, and went over my health records again....and gave me a shot through the iv to calm me down. I was told later it should have put me completely out. It didn't.

After a while I was wheeled into sugery and felt myself being lifted from the gurney to the operating table. I laid there for a while and saw and heard people moving around, talking and the noise of equipment being moved. It seemed like maybe 8 or 10 people were in the room. Then, things really began to happen. I felt my gown being lifted and completely removed. Almost at the same time my body was shifted towards the bottom of the table, my rear was over the edge just a little bit, and my legs were being put into boot-like stirrups. I could feel them being spread apart and I felt like a wish-bone on Thanksgiving Day! I was naked and spread very wide! I swear I heard somebody say, "Very nice." My arms were strapped down and stretched out away from my body. My belly was cleaned and I could feel the cool wetness of the antiseptic being brushed on me...or some sort of scrubbing. The room seemed terribly cold and it seemed I stayed that way for a long time. I sensed and felt different people coming near me while I lay there. It was probably only minutes...but it seemed that I was on naked display for an hour. I was not aroused! I was just too drugged to care. But, I remember thinking how exposed and vulnerable I was at that time.

Finally, after what seemed forever, I felt sheets or blankets being put over me. My legs were wrapped and covered, and so was almost all of my body. I was feeling warmer, and very much less exposed! Then, my doctor entered, and I heard him say, "What's all this?" Almost immediately my legs were made bare and everything else down there was made bare again. I was watching this happening and then somebody noticed I was very awake! I heard, "Hey, she's still with us." After that everything went dark until I woke up in recovery. I was told later about the procedure. I was moe than just bare....I was open for all to see!

Now, after it has been over for a long while. I get very aroused thinking about my complete nakedness and helpless exposure to so many people. I had no control during the operation. I'd love to see the video! Then again, maybe I wouldn't!  But thinking about it gets my motor running!!
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Do you have any fantasies about being drugged and open like in this story, but with more sexual overtones? What do you think might happen?