It's Not How We Planned

My girl and I are relatively new to swinging and have taken out time to make sure we were both comfortable. We got to the issue of trying sex with a couple. We had given this a chance once before, but it was a younger couple and neither of them was comfortable so we ended up leaving. Anyway, we put up an add and hoped for the best. We got our typical selection of spam email and single guys, but nothing good until we got a reply from a couple with very similar interests and both appeared to be attractive via the pictures they provided. The woman was 29, Hispanic, very pretty and a sexy *** and well more than handfuls of soft sexy breast and dark nipples. My girl and the female from the add started talking and hit it off immediately. We set a time to meet at a local restaurant where we could meet in person before anything. Unfortunately her boyfriend couldn't make it, but we later found out he was a local police officer. (a huge turn on for my gf) We talked and drank, which was all we expected... I excused myself to step outside for a call, when I come in they are ready to head back to our house to drink and talk more. We have never had a WWM *********, but had several mmf so this was a special treat. We sat and drank, the atmosphere was comfortable so I asked if everyone was comfortable before I stepped behind her and started to hold, squeeze and tease her amazing breast from behind. The sexy thing is my gf was sitting about a foot away completely okay with everything. I had her come and feel them. She loved them almost as much as me! We helped her out of her shirt and soon out of her bra. I softly kissed her neck while teasing her nipples. My gf doing the same to her other nipple. We slowly moved toward the room where the three of us lost the rest of our clothes. I loved laying her down, taking her nipple in my mouth softly sucking while I squeeze her. My girlfriend was on the other side running her hands on the inside of her thigh and pinching her nipple. I moved down between her legs, licked the inside of her thigh softly as I ran my fingers over her shaven, wet *****. I looked up for one last approving glance from my girlfriend and started spreading her with my fingers as I licked, sucked and played with her pierced ****. My gf was over her 69 and we took turns eating her as she was doing the same to my gf. We enjoyed this position till our guest came with muffled moans. I then had her straddle my face as I looked up and played with her amazing ****. While doing this, my gf started to suck and stroke me. It was incredible having her amazing, familiar lips sucking me while ingot to explore this new woman's *****. Later, the woman sucked me while I got to taste her and stretch her with my fingers as she was on me during 69... This is where I finally lost it. She and my gf were both sucking me. That combined with our guests second time had me *** in the warm mouth of our new friend. She swallowed it right after she kissed and shared my *** with my gorgeous gf. We only planned on dinner and drinks... It turned into tons of laughs and great sex. We have a date planned for me to share my love with her man... I can't wait to watch!
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very hot....and sexy

very hot...cant wait to

That was great. I cant wait for my wife to experience this. Thanks for sharing.