3somes And Moresomes

I think pleasure increases when you are ****** in front of another girl or young couple and they join you getting horny. I know what it means to have sex with a young married couple. You increase their pleasure and they increase yours....I know it by experience.
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Lucky, never had with 2 also

My wife and I would love to play with you. Please add me, thanks.

Nothing better than FFM sex in my opinion!!!

I have always dreamed of this, but never gotten it done.

It is a great pleasure, you are correct. I would love to hae seen your experience.

I agree with you and the general thrust of replies. Unquestionably the pleasure soars when a beautiful lady like you is ****** in front of another girl or young couple and they join you getting horny. Having experienced ********** with two females over a number of years i can fully appreciate your accurate comments. Often our fun begins with me ******* one of the girls while the other watches and both girls have made very smilar comments to you. The girl who is watching is soon playing with her ***** before joining in which fuels the pleasure for the other girl and myself. When they start enjoying each other it is spectacular and stimulates the pleasure enormously for all concerned.

many times I have shared guys with a best friend of mine, I always find it so much sweeter that way :)

I know how it is as I have had it with a Bi couple..

I would have to agree. I am new to EP but, already enjoying myself. I just wish I knew how to get pictures of you