June 1st...

It's finally happened! My state has privatized liquor stores, and starting June 1st liquor stores will be privately owned. I'm hoping this will mean specialty shops. *sigh* I would love to own a store, and fill it with all my favorite aperitifs. Oh, the fun I would have styling it. Gilded mirrors and french rococo style molding. Old fashioned cocktails made with Creme Yvette, Lillet Rose, and the elusive Hermes Violet.
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9 Responses May 24, 2012

Forget about opening a liquor store, open a bar instead. It's a lot more fun.

wait! hold on! what do you mean by "privatized liquor stores"? does that mean that up until 1st June all liquor stores were state owned?

i'm confused :(

Your vision of your own store sounds wonderful. I would love to visit one like that. So hard to find those wonderful classic ingredients.

From what I noticed. It was abad idea to do so. Now people can get more DUIs and it's more expensive. The only plus about it is that you can get alcohol until 2 am.

Unfortunately it has so for only resulted in higher prices!

I would go to a store like that, let me know when it open. What is your favorite local bar like what you described?

What does that mean.."privatization"? I live in Florida & they sell liquor everywhere..grocery stores, liquor stores, etc.

You're my hero! I would drive from Sodo to visit your store!! Yeah, my Safeway has liquor now... but I feel bad for the <br />
"mom and pop" stores.

you better invite me! and i want a coupon.