What Are Your Rules?

I usually play as follow...

2 - Beginning

3 - Worst Card

4 - See through

7 - Reverse

8 - Have another go

10 - Burn the pack

Ace - Highest Card

What are everyone else's rules?

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7 Responses Feb 14, 2010

TOP GAME!!!<br />
no way did i know people still played this game... i learnt it on an Africa trip in '98, taught it a few of my mates who loved it.... but we all forgot... so thanks for the refresher<br />
and i thought it was :-<br />
more than 4 pla<x>yers meant 2 decks.....<br />
+<br />
Whoever had lowest to a 3 started,<br />
2 - back to start<br />
8 - miss a go<br />
10 - back to you / have another go<br />
Ace - meant the next person had to have a 'doing' card - Ace, 2, 8 or 10<br />
<br />
Anybody's game, pure luck with some.....tactical moves.... can go wrong when money is bet..... there is always a cheat but its great fun<br />
Best game for money with friends is Queenie - 3 pots, 1 won every game, the other 2 can build up

I've always enjoyed card games, I've just never seemed to be that good, though I'm okay with whist. I would have to learn to achieve a poker face, people can read mine too easily.<br />
<br />

Well, I'm usually crap but someone taught me how to play this game and took me about half an hour to learn the rules, it rediculously easy to play and quite addictive. I usually play 2 pla<x>yer but you can play more than that. I don't mind a game of chase the ace aswell, that usually involves money though, we used to play christmas time about 2p in a go, winner takes the lot, unfortunatly there was always someone hiding a card up their sleeve.

The problem is, I'm absolute crap (ho, ho) at cards, so I would be a permanent shithead!<br />
<br />

And the shithead is the loser!

Shitheads are badass and nothing to be proud of, thats the idea of the game, the loser is the shithead!

Who can play? Is it open to non-shitheads?<br />
<br />