I don't like smoking them, but I do love the smell of them. I used to curl up under a blanket cuddles up watching the sunset while my ex was smoking, usually cuban cigars. I find it relaxes me and evokes great memories of good times :)
Saintlysinner Saintlysinner
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Nothing like that 'robusto' and nostalgic scent.

When I was a kid Wolco's had a tabbaconist that had corn dogs for sale and I could sit in there and eat my corndog and smell the smoke from old peoples pipes.

Which sounds dirty because of corndog, but I assure you it was just darling.

Me to, I have some in my humidor and love to occasionally smoke them in the summer... Awww they always bring up good memories...

A good cigar and a gorgeous girl .. What a combo ! 😊

One day I was smoking a cigar at a sidewalk table outside a coffeehouse. A woman was walking rather rapidly along the sidewalk, heading for the front door, but she stopped in her tracks when she smelled the cigar. she looked at me and said, "that smell brings back memories of my grandfather." then she got a very misty-eyed look on her face and said, not really looking at me anymore, "really!". she then went into the coffeehouse.