They Found The Ark Of The Covenent

The lost ark, they actually found it.

This story is based on several YouTube videos from and about Ron Wyatt, who claims to have found the ark of the covenant and more. The video attached is one of many that detail a story that is better than the movie "Raiders of the lost ark" and the stories of the “holy grail” combined. I believe that this story is true, but the evidence to back it up is missing. The evidence may have been confiscated or is being kept secret for many reasons. Check out the related YouTube videos: search YouTube for “Ron Wyatt” and “Ark of the covenant” there are many videos that tell this story in varied amount of detail.

Summarized: Ron Wyatt was in Jerusalem in the late seventies or early eighties and was lead by a spiritual revelation to dig in a pile of debris next to the Calvary escarpment outside the wall of old Jerusalem. The first finding was three rectangular cut outs into the side of the cliff, where someone could post a sign or announcement. When he cleared off more stuff he found three square post hole depressions in the rock where a post could be erected. The center hole had a large crack in the stone through it extending out in opposite directions.

Down the pile around the area of the three post holes were small stones and finger bones. This was a place of execution, by stoning and crucifixion. After the stones were cleared away, near the base on the hill there were caves cut into the rock. Inside one of the caves there was a room filled with stones and debris. When enough debris was removed several objects were found. They were encased in wood and covered with animal hide. They included the seven lamp stand and a gold table. In a stone container with a broken top was the actual ark of the covenant with solid gold angels on the lid. The items were unwrapped and the broken lid was moved off. The top of the cave had a large crack in the ceiling over the ark and a black substance had dripped through the crack onto the actual ark cover between the angels.

Ron called in some Jewish priests to verify the finding, they did, but were scared to get too close. Ron documented the finding with both photo and video. When the cave was darkened, he noticed a glow like a rainbow over the ark and also four men were in the cave with him. They said they were angels who guarded the ark since it was made. They looked like ordinary men, no wings or robes. They directed Ron to take a sample of the blood on the ark and have it analyzed. Ron used a pull tab from a coke can and a 35mm film can to get the sample, about three quarters of the can was filled with dried blood.

Ron found a reliable lab and gave them the instructions the angels told him. The blood was placed in a body heat, saline solution for seventy two hours. Then it was placed in a nutritional media. When it was examined, the white blood cells were alive and dividing. When examined they each had 24 chromosomes, 23 from the mother and one male chromosome. This seemed impossible, but it was alive. It was the actual blood of Jesus.

Later, Ron was there when the angels lifted the lid off the ark and took out the stone tablets for him to photograph, along with the ark and other items in the cave. He also made videos of the cave and its contents.

An earthquake at Jesus’s crucifixion cracked the rock beneath the cross and the blood flowed down onto the ark which was placed under it hundreds of years before. The same earthquake broke the stone covering the ark.The earthquake that followed at Jesus's resurrection closed the crack again.

When the Israeli authorities learned about this find they sent six men into the cave. Ron found six bodies that died of a stroke with their eyes crossed. They had to be pulled out with ropes on their feet. Then the authorities sealed the cave with concrete. They said that revealing this find would start riots and a war, because the Jews would destroy the mosque and rebuild the temple.

Then it gets crazy. All the physical evidence: photographs, videos, blood samples, notes and diagrams are missing or kept in secret. The authorities are treating this like a UFO hoax. And like Roswell, NM nothing physical is available to back up the story. Ron Wyatt wrote and lectured and made videos, but the scientific community ignored him and disputed his findings.

Why is the greatest archaeological discovery of all time being denied and the real "Indiana Jones" treated like a fraud? This find is too good. The answer is that the world is not ready for the truth. The blood of Jesus on the ark of the covenant is a disaster for the Jews. It proves that Jesus is the messiah and they were lied to for 2,000 years. The analysis of Jesus's blood shows that he was not an ordinary man, and the fact that the blood is alive, is a miracle.

The location of the ark is not a coincidence, 2 Maccabees 2 tells that Jeremiah took the ark and other items and placed them in a cave where they would be hidden until Israel is regathered into a nation again. The place of execution set up hundreds of years later on top of the ark is by Divine intervention.

Atheist scientists will never accept that God exists, so a find like this could really undermine their thinking.

What if these evidences and the living blood were kept locked up because they could possibly be misused? The "holy grail" was supposed to have a drop of Jesus's blood, so I can only imagine what relic and artifact hunters would think about a sample of the living blood of Jesus. Remember the movie "Raiders of the lost ark" the Nazis wanted the ark to make Hitler more powerful. Also the Roman spear that pierced Jesus’s side was called the “spear of destiny”, another artifact, because it had the blood of Jesus on it. Many would treat this live blood of Jesus as the ultimate magic relic and expect it to cure them and give them immortality. Better to deny that it exists that be besieged by relic and artifact hunters.

What if someone cloned the living blood to create another Jesus? If it worked there might be a child out there with the same DNA as Jesus. But the other half of this new person may be not from God. It may come from Satan. There are Bible stories of half human and half spirit beings before the flood in Genesis (In the days of Noah). The result of cloning Jesus's blood may be Jesus's evil twin, the Antichrist.

I believe that God revealed the lost ark to Ron Wyatt and that Israeli authorities are keeping it secret for the reasons mentioned. When Israel defeats its enemies the temple will be rebuilt. But the prophets also say that this temple will be desecrated by the Antichrist, who will declare himself god. So with the blood of Jesus on the Ark, the Jews will not place it in the new temple to be desecrated. The Ark will be recovered when Jesus sets up His kingdom. The discovery data and the evidence now in secret, will tell the Jews where to look at the right time.
kimbadley kimbadley
61-65, M
Nov 18, 2012