Mysterious Knowledge

           I remember being a young hippie, sitting around a campfire somewhere with friends,  and someone would begin a conversation about some "far out" theory they heard somewhere and off we'd go!  At the time, of course, there was a lot of distrust in the government.  Nixon was president, LSD was the rage, and conversations got heavy.  We'd spend hours, for instance, captivated with the affects LSD had on our minds.  To engage in conversation about a good conspiracy theory would shoot shivers down your spine wondering what was true and what wasn't.  Nowadays, all one has to do is turn on the computer, search a controversial topic, and instantaneosly you're lead into what seems to be,  a "Believe it or Not" episode.  .  I mean, from UFO's to Chemtrails to government cover-ups;  it's all there!  What makes it soo interesting now is the amount of information on a subject.  Makes my head spin at times!  Ha!  Oh well, that's why I love it.  Keeps reading fun!

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Excellent post!

Well, needless to say I stimulated conversation on the subject matter....

Wow, some wordy answers lost me at hello. I remember some mushroom discussions that really gave some insight at the time, but damn if I can remember what it was..should definitely take notes next time, definitely..

Yes, the web has opened our eyes, and, hopefully mynds to vaster possybylytyes. Unfortunately, they're tryyng to censor the 'nternet, and Google seems to be theyr trojan horse.

aww, hell forgive me dude, i know not what i do.... my spelling, typos, and puncuation and grammar all suck, my keyboard is broke and i am a lazy phuck at best.... great IQ though :-)

i'm sorry, but oozy, your just a closed minded, dogmatice, Bush/Palin, fundamentalist, scared, ego based human who just doesn't or hasn't dared to try to much of what society says is not okay, I am not an anarchist or antichrist, just one who believes that minds are like parachutes, they only work when they're open.... And I'm afraid you don't know or have ever experienced pragmatacism outside a fear based ego'sperception of high shcool and it's precursors. Not commenting on your intelligence here, just your attitude. Yeah, discrimination is the key, and prejudicism and bigotry can have nothing to do with race. Your avatar is quite appropoe me thinks. But, I could be all wrong and full of my own **** too. I just hope you're not a teacher of some kind and like me keep my ideas ( I have no beliefs, they create dogma, which creates ignorance. Ideas are progressive and don't kill infidels and children) Am a happy go lucky guy, so I mean all this in the most fun way possable. Like abbie hoffman wrote, "steal this book" nameste me friend from another planet...:-)) but then again I have eaten over 150 hits of acid, a few mushrooms, and peyote buttons so I might be right.... or not.. Timothy Leary was a master teacher... in my humble opinio. Most of which I did in spiritual exercises studying comparative religions, metaphysics, my cherokee heritage and philosophy. I will have my PhD in metapysics shortly and also receive a doctor of divinity. Only so society and people like you will accept that I know what I am talking about. I seem to have credability issues when I talk of my over 30 years of living experiences and 400 book library without any letters behind my name. Einstein said it, " there is no knowledge without experience." there is also apparently no crediibility by those who read like you in your comment without the bunch of letters behind your name. I get it from my Uncles all the time at Baylor.... and damn dude your a dog typing, you got no thumbs and an extremely limited codependant vocaulary, !!! :-') peace out brother

One must discriminate between what theory is being discussed. The diambiguation of theories, i.e. countable and uncountable.

Never touched drugs. I'm A pragmatist first and foremost..<br />
But to allege conspiracies are a deluded persons retreat.<br />
Simply on the basis that they are in the minority is simply folly.