The Wee Small Hours ......

The simple art of conversation , a dying skill perhaps , individuals retreating into more insular positions ... hope not... How will we cure the worlds ill,s if let that happen.........

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Thank you BB ...

well said

Thank you D .....<br />
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Pm soon perhaps :o)

Perhaps Bg<br />
<br />
in blank page syndrome doesn't get us ......

awww conversation isn't dead, it's resting in our abbreviated fingertips here on EP

The water of life frito ;o)

Great Betty...and salar I'm not a malt fan but I must say it all sounds wonderful.

We where fishing one time in the highlands , the river Garry at Invergarry , my friend and I lay on the grass at midnight looking staight up at the stars which lit up the dark sky , all the more enjoyable with a bottle of Royal Lochnagar and water from the burn .....

I typed a comment and the EP fairy ate it.<br />
I haven't seen those mountains salar but I'd like to. And you have a bit of the poet in you.<br />
I did travel across Canada by train and got off in the Canadian Rockies....camped under the stars...lovely.<br />
Betty come to the mountains with us.

BB wheres your sense of adventure .... sides under the tree is where the insects are ...

Have you ever seen the blue ridge mountains ..... I saw them two years at Shenanddah national park , i sat on a rock at stared at them at dusk the seven ridge,s move in the light and heat like waves to the shore .....

Mountains for me too. Love being near water but I burn badly.

Mountains for me , I have a picture around here some where of the map of Scotland but not what you wouls think .... i will try and find it ....

ok salar let's see...<br />
Beach or mountains - best vacation?

Frito coundt agree more , so you go first what shall be tonights topic ....

ah another thoughtful one...<br />
the art of conversation isn't dead yet...may be on life support.<br />
But I'm afraid there's no real substitution.

Better take the bus we will get their quicker ;0)

Snap mewold ...... but cant get a word in .... :o)<br />
<br />
Aaa ....... building slowly ....<br />
<br />

mouse moved..good conversation

Conversation is not dead at all, but sometimes, for some people, it gets misplaced. Especially in long standing marriages. And that is a shame. I find that after 24 years, that there is more to talk with my sweetheart about than there was when we got married.

And more power to your tonsils ......

One of the problems with me is that I love to talk. It is an art, just as important as painting or cooking. We all can do it, but some of us are a little rusty at it. Look, I'm talking right now.