A Kick Start To The Day

There is nothing quite like that first cup of Coffee to kick start the day.I do not know why,however if I miss my morning coffee I tend to be a little off color for the first hour or so.I guess it kick starts the metabolism and gets the body revved up for the day ahead.
I know I will get very little sleep tonight due to current circumstances,the best I can hope for maybe is an hour or so however first thing in the morning I shall head straight for the kitchen kettle and switch it on.Then the back door swings open and out charge the gang of three,the dogs.I then prepare my mug of morning sunshine and have a glance at the news whilst flicking through the morning paper,thats me done then all set up for the day ahead.
There are so many kinds of coffee to choose from these days we really are spoiled for choice.I am not a fan of the instant coffee however when needs must it will do.Having said that there is a well known coffee company Nescafe who are currently doing a range of late coffee's.I must admit that the Irish Creme is splendid however you would not wish to drink too many of them as they can become sickly.
Tea has to be my choice of hot drink during the day,Twinings Morning Tea is wonderful and I tend to stick with this.There are some ghastly Tea varieties on the market,honestlly you would have to pay me to drink some of them,one in particular tastes quite like cats pi??,not that I have ever tasted the urine of a cat!
Evenings drinks for me are non alcoholic,I only drink these days when I am away on holiday,my reckless past is a distant memory when I could easily go out on the town several nights a week.I really enjoy a mug of hot choclate before off to bed to log on and have a chat with you guys.
Take care all,enjoy your tipple whatever it may be,your friend,garvan.
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2010

The aroma when passing a freshly ground coffee shop is marvellous magic,I wish I could bottle up that smell and infuse it around the home,boy I love my coffee !

This is my addiction, I love the smell of coffee being freshly brewed. I love the smell it tends to bring a smile and peace to my soul. Weird thing to say but the truth.... I can have a cup of coffe at any time of the day!!!

So so true,thank you for sharing my post :-)

You're welcome :) Oh and i did forget to ask you about the flavor of Twinings Morning Tea. I have heard of it but have never tried it. Love Earl Grey Tea.. the fragrance is heavenly and the spicy taste :)

The aroma of my morning coffee is a wonderful thing. My ritual is the same, i must have it as soon as i wake up and will have probably 2-3 cups and then continue on through the day with tea also. In the evening i may have more coffee and tea. Taster's Choice instant coffee tastes like brewed coffee to me. The milder coffee version from brewed lets me feel calm rather than shaky. I cannot have too much brewed coffee. God bless the humble coffee bean and the pleasure it brings :) xox