The Slight Smile

Roughly four years ago i was on holiday in Rome with my Dad sitting in a cafe on top of the castill D'angelo
which is a beautiful castle on the banks of the Tiber looking out across the bridge to the oldest parts of Rome

Well i orderd coffee that cost 19 euros and we started talking about Rome, ancient history and how things change
and at that point the best cup of coffee ive ever tasted was brought to the table.

We sat there debating and chatting for three hours and eventually the staff had to polietly move us on.
It is the fondest memory of my life and  even now i can remember the angel statues lining the ancient bridge
, the old man that spent nearly as long as we did just sitting and staring at the river and the Sweedish guy who knocked over all the chairs. 

This is the best moment of my life so far (I hope) and that coffee was sort of a mental bookmark
everytime i sit and relax with a good cup of coffee Just for a minute i remember that day.
And I smile just a little you'd barely notice it but no matter how bad my day is going i am an optimist for those few seconds.


Randomguy22 Randomguy22
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2 Responses Oct 21, 2011

love simple moments and good coffee

The simple moments in life are the best. People think they need more that they really do, but sometimes a cup of coffee, good conversation, and a nice view will suffice.

Absaloutely and if we all realised that the world would be much better place