Good Morning, Coffee!

This amuses me far more than it probably should.  It's the result of boredom, a case of morning puerility, and under-caffeination.  It was actually inspired by the Capital Steps song, Good Morning, Starbucks, though only the name and the first two lines are similar.  I admit that after reading it I was slightly terrified- it has the foolish charm of a bathetic and artless greeting card, accept it's more inane.  I suppose it could be termed "Hallmark on Crack."  Frightening... Truly frightening.  Any way, I hope others find it as funny as I did, and I beg you not to judge my skill as a poet with by this particular standard.  (Insert maniacal giggle here.)


It's early in the morning

So heed my friendly warning

Don't come between me

And my cup of coffee


Good morning, Coffee!

Oh, what would I do

If I were left to face

the day without you?

I need my coffee!

Hurry up and perk!

Just give me a strong cup

And no one will get hurt.


I love the smell of grinding

Coffee beans and finding

That perfect, flawless blend

That delights without end.


Good morning, Coffee

With sugar and cream!

"Coffee or death"

Is my bold battle scream!

I need more coffee!

Latte or Cafe

Just give me a medical drip

So I'll be supplied all day!

WildMagic WildMagic
26-30, F
Nov 17, 2009