Haven't Had My Good Laugh For Today

Some days are just too much to deal with I just want an escape.  Having a good laugh helps me deal with those days.  Days like when my blood sugar skyrockets, or when I see something that remind me of my deceased son, or when there are just too many demands on me.  Those are the days I need a good laugh.  I work with kids and usually one of them does or says something that is just hilarious.  Those are the good laughs.  My middle son is really keyed into me somehow, he's actually my stepson, but he knows when I am having a tough day, and he just will do or say something totally random that is really funny.  He's a great kid.  I haven't had my good laugh for the day, yet.....it's out there though.

marlo68 marlo68
36-40, F
Feb 18, 2009