Laughter Is The Best Medicine

zSo much of my life seems so serious, because of many things that I cannot change, so when i get achance to actually laugh, it is something I cherish more than most. I do get silly over the little things, like combining two words into one, or stuff lijke that, but I'm talking more about things that actually make you ROFL, almost literally.

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2 Responses Dec 6, 2009

That is great!

I've got one for you,<br />
There was a blonde lady for Alabama went to the Casino, she went to the craps table and she bet 20,000 dollars on one no. and she told the two dealer that she hoped they didn't mind but she felt much luckier if she took off her top and so she did.<br />
She threw the dice and said," Come on Southern Girl needs new clothes" and she jumped up and down and said," Yes, Yes, Won! , Won!" <br />
She hugged both the dealer and picked up her clothes and her winnings and left.<br />
The two dealers just stood looking at each other dumb founded and one said, what number did she roll and the other said, I don't know I thought your were watching <br />
And the moral of the story is that not all southerners are dumb and not all blondes are dumb and men will always be men.