Skinny-dipping Because I'm Lazy

Where I grew up we didn't really have air conditioning. My parents bought one for the room I shared with my brother one of those you mountain the window. It was only turned on at night and in all honesty, it was best when my brother and I were not around each other. When we got a pool I loved it. Trouble was it wasn't too close to the house. My house was built into a hill and the only flat area was about 100 yards away. So when I wanted to go for even a quick dip I would have to go into the house changed and go down to the pool and jumped in. It was very annoying especially when I just wanted a quick dip. Probably only took me a few days to hit on the idea of just stripping out of my clothing and jumping in. The area we lived in was pretty isolated and really once you're in the pool no one can see if you're wearing something or not. My mom caught me once in she got more angry because I was swimming without supervision than anything else.

We moved a couple of times but we always had a pool. I always liked to skinny dip. Sometimes I would jump in the pool and remove my trunks, but never did it with anyone until I met a friend who was a nudist. That's another story.
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I loved having my pool in the country. I only would wear trunks if there was company. I miss skinny dipping