Dressing Room Fun

I get  very excited when I watch my friends look at my lady's nipples, ***., and *****.when they don't  think she or I wont notice. I encourage her to buy long sheer sun dresses and loose fitting tops with scoop necks as much or their pleasure as mine. She has had several men and women tell her when she bends over in her sundress they can see all the way to her feet, Did I  mention she doesn't own a bra or a pair of panties. I always go with her when she goes shopping  for new outfits. We spend hours picking sexy and revealing clothes that she models for my opion. Sometimes we go to  Wal-Mart or at shops or sometimes at the adult toy store. I go in the dressing rooms with her as much as possible, this saves time and I love watching her chnge because she is naked at some point between changes. then she turns around to let me see how she looks.  Many of the dressing rooms have curtains or privacy rather than door, this is when things really heat up.. With the two of us in the limited space and her moving around changing many times the curtain ts pulled open a bit and I  see the faces of the husbands and boyfriends of the other women who are trying things on glued to the slightly open curtain. An audience compounds how hard my **** becomes an I make sure they can see me grabbing a quick feel of her  tities or me slipping my finger between the lips of her ***** as she playfully pushes my hand away saying' "Stop it not here.". We even attract more attention when the flash of my cell phone or even my camera is seen beyond our private space. More examples of the the fun we have had to come. 

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I know u get tempted for a little fun in those dressing rooms. Sneak a quick kiss on her nipples, dip a finger into her sweetness.Then the audience can see her erect nipples poking at the material of her dress.

There have been times when I was patiently waiting for my wife to try on clothes in a fitting room when I have seen by accident or on purpose other women in various modes of undress because the curtain was pushed aside just enough or the door was left ajar allowing me to catch a glimpse of bare breasts or more. One afternoon a younger woman saw that I could see her and turned towards me so I could see her totally naked except for the white socks she had on. She reached out to the door I thought to close but opened further and gestured me to join her. That was a very satisfying experience.

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