Sundress And Lace

Graduation last week, my niece is now a nurse, and we had a family party at a very nice restaurant, and she was lovely in a light green and tan tiny flower print sundress, which tied around her neck with a thin strap. She has long black hair, down her back, tied back with a ribbon, and is tall, and very slight. She has very very small breasts and waist, green eyes, just beautiful, always was. She is my favorite niece, and we have always been able to talk and tease. Just nice.

She was wearing her nursing graduation pin and was showing it off to everyone, which she should, it’s a hard thing to major in and she did well. When she said “look at my pin”, it was attached to the front of her sundress, right about her right breast at the top hem before it scooped into a V, not a deep V. She had on a beige very lacy strapless bra that was just visible on and off, just a hint of it at the bottom of the V. I teased her about it, just a silly “nice lace, very pretty, is it supposed to show” and I got a play punch and a “noooo”.

I couldn’t get the lace, and how pretty it looked out of my mind. Lace and a sundress, what a wonderful combination! She basically has almost no breasts at all, and the thought of that lace on her skin was very distracting. I found myself watching her, I hoped not obviously, and she did catch me a few times. watched her as she showed the nursing pin to people, and when she circulated back to me, said “want to see it again”, and maneuvered so her back was to the rest of the party, and when I looked she kind of pulled the front of her sundress a bit and that exposed the bra again, more visibly, and again I said how pretty it looked on her, and she laughed. This is not atypical I thought for just being silly like that is routine. An hour later, after dinner, I noticed her stretching for something at the table, and when she did, the bra showed, but now on the side, under her arm, just the side band of the bra, the lace being very visible for a moment, and when she came by to talk a little later I said “be sure to stretch like this”, and I showed her and she looked at me questioning, and I said, “oh, that lace I'm loving shows under your arm when you move like that", and she stretched as I said looking down and saw what I meant and gave me another little punch and said “you really like my bra don’t you” and I said “well, on you it looks great”. And we laughed and she went around talking to others. We had a cake and treats, some drinks, and the party ended with people leaving a few at a time. It was a very nice party, made better by thinking about that lacy bra under that perfect sundress, and how she didn't seem to mind at all, even helped.

After she left with my brother and the rest of her immediate family, I went to the coatroom and got my jacket, and went out to walk to my car, and when I put my hand into my jacket to get my keys, I felt something soft, and pulled out a neatly folded……lacy beige bra and a Hershey’s chocolate kiss wrapped in the middle.
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Such a sexy and playful girl...

very very moving thank you for your insite

A sweet and obviously considerate girl... a keeper!

oh, that's so sweet!

ask her when she,s going to model them for you

Great suggestion! Seems she really wants to do just that, and probably more...

A cute kid, she'll do well with some romantic guy, sometime...

Such a sexy minx! Seems she wants to at least show you much more, if not have you sample her charms.

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A very sexy story with a sweet heart warming ending. What a wonderful young lady.

Very cute, confident in her approach..