Descroption Of My Perfect Guy

Wanted : Loving , caring , energetic, motivated , creative , imaginative, open minded , career established , money comfortable ( not rich .. just content with what he has), sexy ( doesn't mean looking just means understands how to be and make me feel sexy), MUST HAVE COMMON SENSE!, handy with his hands in and out of bed , funny , good sense of self , must not be selfish , socially acceptable , accepts my kids , accepts my faults and his , ACCEPTS THAT I AM OLD SCHOOL AND LOOK TO THE MAN TO BE THE PROBLEM SOLVER WHEN I CAN NOT DO IT ON MY OWN ( YES I HAVE A HONEY DO LIST .. YES I LIKE OLDER GUYS .. YES I AM LOOKING TO BE TAKEN CARE OF AND YES I LIKE BEING THE YOUNGER GIRL FOR A REASON... I AM GOOD AT TAKING CARE OF HIM IF HE TAKES CARE OF OTHER THINGS INCLUDING ME ) and must be able to roll with the ups and downs of life and not get the fight or flight syndrome everytime life happens. If this man exists feel free to contact me .. but I'm not expecting any mail anytime soon.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

You've just decscribed me....but unfortunately I'm married :(

I'll do my best. Just need more cash but at least it's secure.