The Taste Of A Woman

Your tongue glides between the womans ***** lips, and you lap up some of her sweet nectar. The taste is so erotically sweet, and it automatically hardens your ****. For you are so turned on. You seek out her Clitoris with the tip of your tongue and gently flick it over it,softly at first. Then you wrap your lips around her clitoris and gently suck on it. Enjoying the joyous groans you hear from her, and the intoxicating aroma that is uniquely hers.

You playfully suck on her ****, and at the same time glide a finger deep inside her slippery love tunnel. She feels so tight wet and warm, and it turns you on more. You are overcome by lust for a second. As you suck on her **** more firmly, and whip the tip of your tongue across it. At the same time you are gliding your finger in and out of her deep.

The room is lit up by her moans and groans and it makes you get more intense in how you pleasure her.

You kneel between her legs and rest your tongue pressed against her clitoris, and invite her to grind your tongue and face. She duly does this until you feel her soak you with her sweet ***.

It drives you wild, and you lap up every last sweet drop.

Then hold her kissing her deep with her taste all over your lips and tongue
juicyboy21 juicyboy21 22-25, M 10 Responses Oct 25, 2011

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Wow !!!!!! Amazing ... Love it !!

Finally, a man that knows how to describe a sensual experience with out using disgusting and vulgar words...mmmm...very nice. I like your style!

I would never let a man kiss me, after he just did what you described. But it still turned me on ;)

oh ok, well i would just orally please you

Brings back fond memories, when you get to be as old as me, the ladies I meet,well the, "tight wet and warm " you speak of is long gone, lose or baggy if your lucky.Or tie a rope round your middle in case you slip in and need to be pulled out ,still can get damp and thermal knickers are a modern wonder, just like stair lifts, no more "Not tonight darling,me knees have gone," for this old lad. Still the older I get the better I was.

Very nicely described. Happily, I do not taste sarcastic.

thank you for your kind words- the taste of a woman is indeed natures sweetest nectar

OMG!!! I need a little alone time now.

yummy- glad you enjoyed

that was awsome......and yes there is nothing

sweeter tasting than that of a woman.

thank you for your kind words

You are avery erudite young man.

thank you for your kind words

Your welcome

yes it is certainly a passion of mine

Sounds good!

thank you for your kind words