My Favorite Albums Of All Time

I love all types of music and I always have since I was little, everything from reggae, rap, calypso, jazz,punk, even country. As long as an artistic expression is made then I don't mind what the medium is. When I have my Ipod on I usually just do shuffle or listen to individual songs but sometimes I sit down and listen to a full album my favorites that I can listen the whole way through to are (in no particular order):

"We're Only In It For The Money" - Frank Zappa
This is an album you either love or you hate, I like Frank a lot because he was always about the music and his experimental compositions are always very interesting especially in this album. Also he incorporates a lot of humor, mostly satire of the hippie/free love movement.

"To The 5 Boroughs" - The Beastie Boys
If you like old school hiphop you'll love this album. It's everything you knew about the classic boom bap format but revamped for modern day hip hop fans. Mix Master Mike really brought a new style to the table in terms of beats and the beastie boys' flow and chemistry is just as great as in previous albums.

"The Expendables" - The Expendables
My friend recommended this album to me and I loved it. Imagine Reggae, Pop-Punk, and Metal blended together in one awesome project. This album is great because they take elements of other genres and make it their own. Picture a slightly stoopid minus the fake accents and a more metal guitarist

Carnival Of Excess" - GG Allin
Some of you may know who this guy is, if you don't just put his name in youtube and you'll see how crazy this guy was. He made a bunch of horrible punk albums with horrible sound quality (imo) but was better known for his onstage antics which included throwing feces at the crowd. This album though he actually sat down, wrote songs, and recorded them with good quality. If you're in to Outlaw country you will like this because GG was the biggest outlaw of all.

"The Slim Shady LP" - Eminem
I miss rap albums like these where a rapper not only illustrates a picture for us but lashes out and makes us feel his pain and anger. This is by far Eminem's best work he had a mission and a philosophy and both were beautifully represented.

"The Resistance" - Muse
This was hard for me because I told myself I'd only put one Muse album on my list. I'm a huge fan and they have many good albums. This album I like particularly though because again we see functional experimenting resulting in a unique sound. The album also follows one huge story one which mirrors 1984 a lot. Definitely worth playing the whole way through.

"Good News for People Who Love Bad News" - Modest Mouse
This was an album that I slept on for way too long, this album is great the singer has a voice unlike any other you'll ever hear and I love the experimentation and mastering that went into this album. I love when a band can experiment but still make it sound clean which is exactly what they achieved with this album

MrOctagon MrOctagon
18-21, M
Jul 12, 2010