I Like a Little Bit of Everything

Truth is, I listen to whatever my mood dictates.  It's anything from Enya (which is I guess considered new age) to Metallica (alternative, heavy metal) to even a little bit of country & rap.  I am open to any kind of music really, as long as it either A. Sounds good, B. Has a good meaning or moral C. Says something personally meaningful.

Happy Listening,


trixi trixi
41-45, F
4 Responses Jan 3, 2008

you too girl ! :)

happy listening....:)

yeah! i agree with that totally. i forgot ab that type. well, i guess i dont like THAT then. but pretty much everything else :)

I too enjoy many types and styles of music. One major rule of mine though is I need to be able to understand the words. Those that "scream" more than sing just plain give me a headache...:)