Bass, The Best Type Of Music

Offcourse, the word Bass could cover a whole bunch of music types. I mean however the Bionic or Electrofunk type. I also love Euphoric Trance which means that at some point in the song, the sound produced will place you in another relm, another frame of mind. And finaly, Space or Ambiant music are quite good. Back to bass though, a few artists that spring to mind (which I will list later) are offcourse Deadmau5, who is called Joel Zimmerman in real life is a man who, for the first time since Daft Punk, has changed the Housy Trance genre for the better. By creating his own sounds and deep bassy notes, he has went from a games nerd to a headline act at all clubs and festivals. However if you really want your speakers to pop under the preasure and your ears to bleed with the sheer force of the bass, then you will want the imfamous W&W to breach your ears. The Wonder Twins as they are sometimes called. Their songs all create a frickin' earthquake when they are played. And now I have ran out of words so here's a list of some songs for you to try;

Bionic Bass;
W&W: Alpha
War: Lowrider (save the robot remix)

Euphoric Trance;
Jurgen Vries: the theme
Hardwell: Cobra

Housy Trance;
Deadmau5: community funk
Tiesto: make some noise

Terry Riley: A rainbow in curved air
Michael Shrieve: Communique

Steve Angello: knas
Gareth Emery: Tokyo

Enjoy The Lot
And Please Remember
To Turn Up The Bass!

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May 14, 2012