How It All Started

My pantie sniffing started when I was about 11 or 12.

I used to visit my aunt on a regular basis and she used to wear quite short skirts which used to give me loads of oppertunity of a peek up her skirt.

My actual sniffing started with my sisters panties. Fortunatly she was 6 years older than me and every chance I got I raided her bedroom for any sign of her worn panties,which I then sniffed and wanked into.

After I got married I confessed to my wife about pantie sniffing which to my complete surprise she support and approved of. To my utter surprise she even stole a pair of her mothers panties and a pair of her sisters panties.

Its great that I can share my fetish with the woman I love and still be happily married

tony9 tony9
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

You are a lucky man. I have found that women are extremely and I mean extremely reluctant to allow men or boy friends to sniff their knickers or even to have a little sniff around up their skirts. I suppose they are afraid that the smell will not please the sniffer but I think they should not worry about this. If a boy likes them so much that he asks to have a sniff or better still to borrow their dirty knickers on an exchange and return basis, he is obviously a woman's smell lover.<br />
<br />
There are men who profess to the fact that dirty knickers do not smell nice but then that sort of bloke would not ask to have a sniff so there is no problem. It is perfectly natural for a man to like the smell of a girl between her legs and this means sniffing her knickers either on or off. <br />
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If only women would accept how urgent it is for a guy to take a sniff of knicker, I am sure they would be more understanding and the payoff would be that the bloke would be more relaxed in the relationship and he would be more loving and the woman herself could be flattered by the compliment of knowing that there is a guy who likes to sniff her dirty underwear. Win, win all round!!

Some very good points you've made there and so true.