Adult Drive-in Theater

I went to and adult drive-in theater in northeast Texas. It was converted from a regular type drive-in. The outdoor screen was in disrepair and the projector was very weak. The concession stand had been converted to several rooms showing videos.

There were quite a few men inside. Some were walking around naked. It was wonderful. I had the opportunity to suck several ***** but unfortunately no one came in my mouth.

There was one guy who was walking around naked that i REALLY wanted to suck. He had the most beautiful **** I have ever seen. It was constantly hard thanks either to a little blue pill, the **** ring he was wearing or both. I didn't care... it was perfectly shaped and perfectly proportionate. He let me stroke him which got me hot as Hell but he didn't want me to suck him. I was very disappointed that I didn't get him in my mouth but just stroking that wonderful **** was a huge thrill.

I sucked a few more ***** (still, no ***) then I jacked off while watching a guy get ******. I would have loved a mouth full of *** but it was still a good night.
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like to read about yourexperiences thanks for sharing your stories I'm a little envious of all the great ***** you've had! Keep having fun and sharing

Sounds like a fabulous time!

It was.