Weird Sense Of Adventure

I take everyday situations and turn them into adventure.. Like when i drive into town, i never go the same way twice in a week .. When i lived in Tasmania i lived homeless in the mountains for 6 months just because i was sick of renting and paying bills.. had a job and a car so it wasn't too bad, even at below freezing i enjoyed it .. Id find places where no one would find me and only came into town for food,washing up and a hot free shower down the pier..  Every now and then i would go to the Internet cafe and catch up with people. In another situation i lived in a condemned house in Sydney for 4 months with my step sister.  We didn't have much money at all and lived what i like to think as the authentic Goth lifestyle (well at the time) ..

Over the period of my life i have lived on every state on the east coast of Australia and plan to go overseas soon ..   My last adventure was taking a motor home to the desert for a party with my ex and her work mates ..  It wasn't fun cleaning all the dust out from every nook and cranny afterwards  lol.

marcoise marcoise
31-35, M
Feb 15, 2010