Enema For Sexual Excitment.

I started giving myself an enema several years ago in the shower one morning. I have always love the feeling of somthing being pushed up my *** and the feeling of hot soapy water gave me an anal orgasam and I have been doing them ever since. Some may think that doing it in the shower is gross but it is really only feet away from the toilet and I make sure that all is very clean when I am done. I love using my ***** after I am nice and clean and the feeling is totaly diffrent than say if you had some feces inside your ***. The smooth glideing feeling is awsome. My wife has always known and has joined me a couple of times but I mostly enjoy it myself. I do it every morning and feel great throughout the day. It also makes the lovemaking more interesting becouse my wife can noe play with my *** as I play with hers.
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showers are a great place for an enema.

I too enjoy enemas while in the shower

Good 4 U And Ur Wife! Nice To Read That Some Wives Do Enjoy Enema Play..Mine Never Did...

DRN4321 & RRBEE1010 like your process. I have the standard 2 Qt. enema bag and I purchased extra large nozzels to increase flow. I now find that taking the shower head off and incerting the tube up my *** has worked best. I can push it at least 18" or more quite easly and do the fill expell fill expell untill I run clear. It is nice and smooth so no pain or hurting my insides.

yeah, I've heard inserting the tube in deep helps with avoiding as many cramps. I'm wondering where to get these alternative nozzles people talk about...especially the bulb one

please write and I'll send a link...

that's what I do

Love your story and your comment drn4321. I, too, love having these type enema sessions, at least similar. I've also been able to hold my tube at the shower nozzle or tub nozzle and take in large quantities of water that way. Then after this complete cleaning, I like to sometimes put in beads or plug and go out to the store.

Depending on the mood I am in I enjoy two extremes (and at other times, everything in between) in types of enemas. One is very slow, the other aggressive and fast.<br />
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For the slow enema I use a moderate size rectal tube and hang the bag low or use a back-flow check valve to slow down the flow. The solution is comfortably warm, about 100 F, lightly soapy with a little baking soda so that it is not the least bit irritating. I always use Vaseline to lubricate. Vaseline is sometime recommended against, but I have used for ever without problems. I lube my anus well, feeling if there is anything "waiting". If so, expel it, encouraging it with my well lubricated finger as necessary. Then I get very comfortable laying down on a warm towel and insert the tube to as deep a penetration as possible. Then I just lay there for a bit. I call this a "stealth enema" because if you do it right you are totally unaware of it until the gut really starts to be distended at perhaps about three quarts depending on the size of your body. Pausing occasionally, adjusting position and massaging is helpful to accommodate the maximum volume, about four quarts for myself. Toward the end, I turn onto my belly and do a bit of a back bend, lifting up, and thrusting out my gut, allowing me to take in the most of the enema possible. Sometimes I have trouble retaining the tube at this point, but I try to go until I start to feel discomfort. At that point I stop, remove the tube and move to the toilet for a lingering expulsion.<br />
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For the other type of enema I use a curved white rubber douche nozzle adapted from a squeeze bulb rig so that it fits reliably on the end of the tube from my red drugstore two quart bag. It produces a multidirectional spray pattern. By siphon filling from a bowl this bag easily holds a bit over four quarts by raising the bowl to about head height toward the end of filling. The solution is very warm (110F or a bit over) and very soapy. I hang the bag high, about four feet or more above the floor. I sometimes heat up the nozzle in hot water and, after getting my anus and the nozzle well lubricated, I lay down and insert the heated nozzle full depth, twisting it to get in to the full depth of my rectal chamber where I can grip it securely. I then release the clamp to wide open clenching my anal sphincter tightly as the initial flow gushes in under the pressure of the inflated bag and at least a four foot water head. I think of this as the "blitzkrieg enema" as the initial flow is almost overwhelming. (This would be a good enema for you dom types to visit upon your sub partner). I slow down or stop the flow briefly only if I am in danger totally losing control, all the time gasping and groaning as by belly rapidly distends. A certain amount of discomfort to the point of cramping is the ob<x>ject here and I endure until the bag is drained flat. It is very difficult to avoid uncontrollable expulsion as I pull out the wicked white douche nozzle. I am leaking at each breath as I carefully move to the toilet, and the irritation of the gallon or so of soapy heated heated water straining in my gut brings forth an explosive release from my throbbing *** before I am fully seated. After the first expulsion my irritated anus is really puckered out fat and I withdraw it with difficulty before releasing more. After one of these sessions I am thoroughly exhausted and my swollen anus insists on puckering out uncontrollably for some time.