Hospital Enema

When I was about 13 I was in hospital for minor surgery but it seemed in those days you were given an enema before any surgery and I was to be no exception. The other boys in the ward knew what was coming and told me I needed to get my pyjama pants off to be ready so I slipped then off under the sheet and then forgot and leaned out of bed to put my pants on the bedside locker but the sheet came down exposing my bottom to the other boys.The nurse walked in then carrying a large jug and funnel and saw me and told me to stay on my side while sh gathered some screens around the bed. I was given the enema and while the nozzle was going in my bottom I became erect and the nurse said its ok it usually happens when boys get an enema. When it was over and I was on the pan I could look through the gaps in the screens and I noticed the boy in the next bed was moving his hands under the sheets.
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My doc wanted me to get a colonoscopy--my first. This was back in the '70s. He had me check in the afternoon before the procedure. I knew I was to get an enema at 6AM next morning, before the procedure. They gave me the regular short gown plus bottoms to wear. They fed me a regular dinner, which surprised me. Around 8pm the nurse came around with a small brown bottle of liquid I had to drink. Wish I knew what was in that bottle because it was very efficient at cleaning me out; I didn't get much sleep that night. I thought I'd be clever and tie a knot in the pj bottom drawstring that the nurse would have to untie. Promptly at 6AM, two black female nurses walked in pushing an IV stand with a stainless steel can filled with some unknown liquid. A hose and squarish looking white nozzle was attached. The nurse giving the enema stood on my left, the other took up her station on the right side of the bed. I realized I would have to untie the knot in the PJs while they watched. I fumbled it a bit as I was so tired, but finally unraveled it and slid the bottoms off as they watched. I'm sure nothing was hidden from view during the whole process. I was then told to lie on my left side with left leg straight and right leg bent. As the nurse inserted the lubed nozzle, she told me that the first 1/3 would be while on my left side, the next 1/3 I'd be face down, and the final 1/3 I'd be on my right side facing the other nurse. With that she released the valve and I felt the fluid entering. After maybe 3-4minutes she told me to roll onto my stomach. It seemed like only seconds before she told me to roll onto my right side. There was a little cramping but the nurses just told me to take deep breaths. The enema was soon over, but I was told to hold it for another 10 minutes. During that time the nozzle was left in place and the nurses stayed to make sure I didn't get up prematurely. I was then allowed to expel.<br />
Around 9AM they transferred me to a gurney and took me across the hall for the colonoscopy. On getting onto the table, I saw the long coiled black tubing at the foot of the table. I couldn't believe how long it was. The docs explained the procedure. Without anesthesia, they lubed the tubing and started feeding it into me hand-over-fist. I cramped a little as it went around the two flexures but other than that there was no discomfort. They then put on a training scope so I could see the inside of my intestine as they did the exam--really interesting. Soon the exam was over. <br />
They kept me overnight to make sure I could urinate ok. The nurse came in several times during the night to check my bladder distension. One of those times I know I was hard and she came back a little later. It wasn't until next morning that I could finally urinate. I was then allowed to shower and go home.