My Most Unusual Place For Enjoying An Enema

A few years ago, my wife and I were vacationing in Florida. We were on the second floor of the hotel. The room had a screened in balcony which made it difficult to see anything from the outside at night when there were no lights on in the room. I suggested to my wife that she could give me an enema out on the balcony. She filled our bag with warm water and added a dallop of hotel shampoo to make a soapsuds solution. Out on the balcony was a small table and a couple of chairs. I bent over the table and she began to lubricate my anus; first with her tongue and then with KY on her finger. Then she inserted the douche nozzle into my rectum and started the enema. If you were to shine a light at us, you would have seen her holding the bag in the air and made out that there was someone bending over in front of her. You would be able to guess that somebody was getting an enema. We did not see, or at least notice anyone coming by. She pegged me out there, too. She elected to take her enema inside the room, on the bed.

What unusual places have others enjoyed an enema?
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think I would like to try that

I'm glad I did.